Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee


Namu Gaji
San Francisco, CA

Meet Dennis

At Namu Gaji in San Francisco’s Mission District, chef Dennis Lee creates vibrant Asian-inspired dishes that are humble, innovative and personal—while keeping tradition close. The restaurant, which Lee co-owns with his brothers David and Daniel, fuses fresh California produce, grown on their own farm using Korean Natural Farming Techniques, with traditional Korean techniques and innovative ideas inspired by Lee’s cravings. “The food is often ingredient driven, seasonal and local,” says Lee, “but sometimes inspiration comes from a craving or an interpretation or just a whim.”

His new food collection, created in collaboration with Williams Sonoma, brings Korean-inspired flavors to home cooks everywhere. “Don't think of it as Korean cuisine, because it really isn't,” advises Lee. “Cook something you love and use the sauce in place of another condiment you might use, and then everything you make will be unique.”

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