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Making the Perfect Omelette

Break the eggs into a mixing bowl and add a little water. Using a wire whisk or a fork, beat the eggs until they are just blended and only slightly frothy.

  • Making the Perfect Omelette 1. Melt butter in a nonstick fry pan over medium heat. Add the eggs. As they set, use a spatula to push the edges toward the center, tilting the pan so the uncooked egg flows underneath.
  • Making the Perfect Omelette 2. When all the egg has set to a custardlike consistency, arrange the filling across the center.
  • Making the Perfect Omelette 3. Shake and tilt the pan to loosen the omelette, making sure that it slides freely. If it sticks to the pan, use the spatula to loosen it.
  • Making the Perfect Omelette 4. Carefully begin to slide the omelette out of the pan onto a serving plate. When it is halfway out, turn your wrist to fold the omelette in half as it leaves the pan.
Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Lifestyles Series, Brunch Entertaining, by Janeen Sarlin (Time-Life Books, 1999).