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A Beautiful Bottle Opener Is A Kitchen And Bar Essential

There may be a time and place where a simple bottle opener is just fine -- on a boat or while camping, for example. In your home, though, your own kitchen and bar deserve a special opener. Look for one that expresses who you are with its style and lets guests know that there's always a cold one waiting for them at your place.

What Is A Bottle Opener?

It is a simple, lever-like device that removes the caps from glass bottles.

  • An opener can be used for soda, cider, ale or beer bottles that have a ruffled metal cap.
  • Most of them are handheld. You hold the opener in one hand and the bottle in the other.
  • To remove the cap, you put the opener under the edge of the cap and twist the cap upward, so it folds inward on itself and releases the pressure seal on the bottle's mouth.
  • Wall-mounted openers just require you to position and tilt upwards the actual bottle. You only need one hand for a wall-mounted opener.

Stock The Kitchen with A Hand-Held Opener

In your kitchen, you need at least one handheld opener. If you entertain frequently, you need anywhere between 3 and 5 to make sure they stay in rotation around your home or deck and patio area.

  • Stock up on simple ones if you know you need several, but reserve at least for a special style that speaks to you.
  • Look for creative handles, fashioned from metal in different shapes or icons, like skulls, animals, fruit or other whimsical themes in an upscale fabrication.
  • Enjoy an ergonomically interesting opener with a molded notch and sculptural proportions.

Mount An Opener on The Wall

Outdoors, mount a bottle opener on a wall, beam or deck post. If you have an outdoor bar, mount it to the side of the bar.

  • A wall-mounted opener creates a feeling of carefree fun. Friends and neighbors know you know how to kick back and relax.
  • When you have parties, it's much easier to post guests in the direction of your opener than it is to keep track of a moving collection.
  • Have a few handhelds on hand, anyway. The wall-mounted version is for convenience and style.

Don't Forget The Champagne Saber

You probably already have a corkscrew to go with your bottle openers, but if you're looking for specialty openers, a champagne saber is a must. These swords slash the top off a bottle of Champagne with great dramatic effect.

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