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Open it Right With a Reliable Wine Opener

Have you ever bought an exquisite bottle of wine for a special occasion, just to find you don't have anything to open it with? Although there are more screw-top wine bottles available today, you'll still run into quite a few varieties that are corked. Check out the selection of traditional corkscrew and electric wine openers at Williams Sonoma and be ready for any occasion.

Forget the Mess

Whether you are celebrating a milestone, having a quiet dinner for two or a bigger gathering of friends and family, be prepared and ready with a wine opener. Even if you have nothing but screw-top bottles on offer, you may run into a situation where a guest brings over a corked bottle of wine. You don't want to have to resort to getting out the knife and trying to cut out the cork! Chances are it will end up in the wine itself and no one wants that. Read on for better ways to get that cork out.

Corkscrew Wine Opener

There are a couple of different options when it comes to selecting a wine opener. First is the tried-and-true corkscrew. This model can come in a simple handle and spiral, where you just twist into the cork, grab the adjoining handle and pull. This typically takes a bit of muscle, especially if the cork is in there pretty tight. Williams Sonoma offers corkscrews that have a non-stick coated spiral for easier removal of the cork.

Another corkscrew option is the ergonomic winged version. As you twist, the wings raise, allowing you to simply pull down to release the cork. You can also get corkscrews with an additional foil opener for those bottles that come with fancy foil wrapping.

Electric Wine Opener

A great choice - and a little savvier - is an electric wine opener. Built as a hassle-free choice to uncorking wines, these openers are especially good for tightly-corked wine and are faster and more consistent than the corkscrew. Just place the opener on the top of the bottle, hold in place and press the button. The opener will move down the bottle as it uncorks; no twisting or pulling required. Simply decant your wine and pour - it's that easy.

Don't be caught unprepared! Discover Williams Sonoma's great collection of wine openers and be ready any time for that special bottle that takes a little more effort to open. Check out our selection of wine glasses for the perfect receptacle and start sipping that delicious wine in no time.

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