When it comes to storing different sets of kitchen tools, the right marble kitchen accessories create an attractive focal point. Williams-Sonoma offers an assortment of marble kitchen items for holding various types of kitchen utensils. With this expansive selection, you are able to find the ideal pieces for your kitchen, such as marble canisters, napkin holders, spice canisters and trivets. When choosing kitchen accessories, take into consideration the type of countertop you have in place so as to ensure your new items match your current decor. Carefully crafted to hold dry goods like tea and spices, our white marble canisters feature secure lids that protect the contents stored within from light and moisture. Not only does a marble canister add essential storage space, it also provides a timeless style to the kitchen counter. The color variations combine with the natural veining of the marble to make each canister unique.

With superior construction, our ribbed marble saltcellar with spoon is ideal for both casual and formal dining. Able to hold 4 ounces of salt, this natural white marble container has a spacious interior, and its hand-carved mango wood spoon doles out the right amount of salt for your food. Thanks to the wide range of marble kitchen accessories, you are able to choose the ideal canister for storing various kitchen tools. Check out our new arrivals to find different types of current kitchen accessories.

Handcrafted and polished, our marble lazy Susan countertop lends itself to a variety of uses. Featuring a hidden iron ball-bearing mechanism, this kitchen accessory allows smooth spinning even after spices, condiments or other items are added. Its raised edge offers a barrier for items to remain on top of it, hold utensils capably and allow easy access from any particular angle. Clean these pieces easily with a sponge and allow them to dry on a dish rack to preserve valuable countertop space.

Keep your napkins at close reach with our hand-carved marble holder. It not only stores fabric and paper napkins but also brings an enormous visual interest to the dining table with its creamy white design. Expertly carved from natural marble, our paper towel holder adds a touch of glamour to your kitchen countertops. Its silken matte finish showcases the stone’s natural beauty that coalesces seamlessly with an array of kitchen designs. With its heavyweight holder, tipping over as you tear off towels is not an option.

For individuals who strive for excellence when organizing their kitchen tools, our marble partitioned utensil holder is the ideal choice. It features non-skid rubber feet that ensures the holder remains secure on the countertop as well as a removable three-walled internal partition. Arrange your kitchen knives on our classic drawer organizers or store them in our marble knife holder with its Kapoosh® insert. This holder keeps your knives accessible easily and adds elegance to your countertop. Proficiently made up of patented flex rods, the Kapoosh® conform to the shape of the tool inserted and does not dull or chip your knives.

Protect your cookbooks from any stains or catching fire by keeping them on our marble cookbook holder. With an easy-to-clean acrylic shield, this device holds open books without tipping. Rely on the magnetic back plate that slides off to display both United States and metric equivalent amounts for easy measuring while cooking. As you wash the dishes, use dish soaps to clean your marble pieces that impart a simple and vibrant scent that blends naturally with the room’s atmosphere. Put on one of these aprons and start chopping vegetables on our marble trivet. Its handcrafted design shows off its intricate design while its cork backing prevents any scratches on your tabletop.

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