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Sharpen Your Kitchen Skills with a New Knife Set

If you cook most of your meals at home, you know that anything that can facilitate the cooking process is welcome in the kitchen. A sharp and sturdy new knife set will help you chop, dice and slice your favorite ingredients quickly and efficiently. Choose from a variety of set options, including full block sets for any time use, dinner sets and specialty sets for unique situations.

Knife Blocks

A high-quality knife block set is one of the best kitchen investments you can make, especially if you're starting your collection from scratch. These sets feature three or more coordinated kitchen tools plus a handy knife block for storage and organization. High-quality cutlery brands like Wusthof and Zwilling J.A. Henckels offer sets with eleven or more pieces to cover virtually all of your cooking needs.

Knife blocks are primarily an organization tool but they also look great sitting on your kitchen countertop. Choose from traditional wooden cases or shiny metal cases and knives with classic black or silver handles. Depending on the knife block set you choose, it may house some or all of the following kitchen tools:

  • Multi-purpose kitchen prep knives, like chef's knives and utility knives.
  • Small paring knives for precision tasks.
  • Kitchen shears for trimming herbs or meats.
  • A matching set of four to six steak knives.
  • A steel honing rod to keep your blades sharp after repeated use.

If you need to upgrade just a few of your knives or need a few extra knives for your kitchen helpers, there are also many mini sets available. These smaller sets come with two to three knives (usually chef's knives or paring knives) and do not include a knife block.

Classic Steak Knife Sets

If your kitchen knife set does not already include a set of coordinating steak knives, be sure to pick up a set. These sharp serrated knives are used at the dinner table for cutting steak or other tough food items. Having a full set with matching handles ensures your table settings will always look well coordinated. These classic dinner knives are a must-have for everyday meals or for serving a crowd at dinner parties.

Specialty Sets

While having a knife block set and a set of dinner knives will cover almost all of your kitchen needs, there are certain situations where specialty knives are required. Popular brands like Shun offer these useful sets at a great value.

  • To facilitate the serving of grilled meats, special barbecue knives are must-haves. A BBQ knife collection features sharp blades for slicing grilled proteins. They also include a carrying case so they're easy to transport to any outdoor grill.
  • Having a special carving set makes serving meats like roasts and poultry much simpler. These sets feature a long, thin knife for carving precise slices and a two-pronged fork to hold the meat in place.
  • For professional chefs-in-training, student knife kits are a must. These sets feature a selection of commonly-used knives complete with a handy roll-up case for easy transport from class to class.
  • While knife blocks are a great choice for most home cooks, some chefs prefer to install a magnetic strip near the prep area to save time when switching blades. Look for sets featuring four-to-five prep knives plus a coordinated magnetic storage bar. These sets will also free up drawer or counter space in small kitchens.

Add function and style to your kitchen with a new knife set from Williams Sonoma. Whether you need a complete knife upgrade or just a few extras, you'll find great options from quality cutlery brands like Wusthof, Shun and Zwilling J.A. Henckels. With the right set of sharp and stylish knives, you can effectively chop, dice and slice ingredients for casual meals or multi-course dinners.

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