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Whether you need to stock a new kitchen or just need a couple of new saucepans and skillets, Williams-Sonoma has all of the top-rated cookware that you need. Find professional-level cookware that professional culinary experts use in their own Michelin-starred restaurants. When you put this top-rated cookware to use in your own home, you can produce everything from a fine rack of lamb for a dinner party to a basic dish of fried eggs for a Saturday breakfast.

When picking out a new skillet or a set of frying pans, some features to look for include the material they are made of. A skillet made entirely of stainless-steel or cast-iron is not only good for cooking on top of the oven, but also lets you transfer your dish to the oven for broiling or roasting. Find a pan that features a removable silicone sleeve on the handle for safe handling while cooking and for easy removal when transferring to the oven. Make sure that the pan you choose has a surface that cooks food evenly, giving you the optimal amount of space for preparing food. A pan made of many layers of metal also resists warping and bending in time.

While a skillet is great for cooking meat and other standalone meals, a fry pan holds in oils and sauces. Use a fry pan to contain all of the necessary oil for frying potatoes or for containing a batch of spaghetti. When cooking with heavy sauces that include cream and milk at high heat, they can often burn and get stuck to the bottom of the saucepan. We offer a line of saucepans that resist these sauces from sticking to the bottom, helping to prevent burning and making your final dish taste better. These nonstick saucepans are also easier to clean up, allowing you to skip the soaking process and get your kitchen clean right away

A good sautè pan comes with a tight lid that lets you simmer a dish and stir it periodically while it keeps cooking. Find a pan that features a glass lid so you can keep tabs on the dish without disturbing the cooking process. If you are interested in making the classic Spanish dish paella, there is a special pan that helps evaporate and absorb cooking liquids quickly, giving a rich and moist texture to the seafood dish. A specialized paella pan also doubles as a serving dish when you place a protective layer on your dining room table.

Not every cooking task in the kitchen is a race. Some dishes need plenty of time for you to complete successfully. A Dutch oven or braiser made of cast-iron or ceramic lets you set your oven to a low temperature, and then cook dishes, such as stews and large chunks of meat, all day long. A Dutch oven made of cast-iron soaks in the seasonings and juices from previous cooking sessions, giving you better tasting dishes each time you use this versatile cookware.

When you need to cook something at quick high heat, find a wok with high sides that keeps the oil from splashing up and burning your arms. Woks are available in traditional stove top varieties, and they come in electric models that allow you to use them while camping or somewhere without an oven. If your family enjoys eating a tub of fresh popcorn on movie night, there is perhaps no more entertaining way to make it than with a WhirleyPop. These devices feature cranks on the top that keep rotating the kernels, keeping them from getting stuck to the bottom of the pot and burning.

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