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<h3>Vegetable Choppers</h3><p>Make vegetable prep easy and fast with innovative choppers that save you time and help you maintain a tidy kitchen. Vegetable and herb choppers can take the place of a whole set of <u><a href="">knives</a></u> when you have a large amount of ingredients to dice, wedge and chop. Small and mini choppers are ideal when you only need a tiny amount of onion or basil to create your dish and want to avoid a lot of cleanup.</p><br><p>Williams-Sonoma choppers were created by our design team to be as effortless as possible to use, and we carry top-quality choppers by other makers too. They feature spring-loaded mechanisms and ergonomic handles that only need a minimum of force to cut through hard foods like potatoes and apples. Interchangeable chopper blades are made of cutlery-quality stainless-steel to last many years, and they’re engineered with precision designs that chop vegetables cleanly and evenly.</p><br><p>Gardeners and others who preserve foods consider a quality chopper to be a vital tool in their <u><a href="">canning</a></u> supply kits. Chop up a whole bushel of salsa tomatoes, chutney onions or cucumber pickle wedges without making a mess. All of the processed veggies and their juices stay inside the chopper container until you’re ready to transfer them to cans or your recipe. Some chopper designs also feature volume measurements on the sides of their detachable containers so you know when you’ve got the precise amount of veggies you need for your canning recipe.</p><br><p>All of our vegetable and herb choppers are self-contained for convenient all-in-one storage. They’re easy to clean, and some have specialty tools included to thoroughly clear the blades of food debris. Chopper models are available in completely dishwasher-safe styles, or you can select a chopper that includes parts that may be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning. The removable containers on some models may also be used to keep perishable chopped ingredients in the refrigerator until needed, saving you an extra dish to wash. You may use your choppers on top of a <u><a href="">cutting board</a></u> if you like, but it’s not necessary; the blades of the choppers only touch the veggies and won’t harm your countertops or tables. No juices, seeds or pulp escape from the chopper with normal use.</p><br><p>One of the biggest benefits of our choppers is the labor you save when preparing ingredients. It’s not easy to mince a garlic clove into tiny, even pieces without a precision knife. With a vegetable chopper, you get perfectly diced garlic with one press of the handle or cover. Our choppers don’t require electricity either, so they save energy, and they work as well in an off-grid or primitive camp kitchen as they do in a gourmet kitchen. When combined with one of our <u><a href="">mandolines</a></u> or spiral slicers, our vegetable choppers help you prepare culinary delights even when you don’t have access to a food processor or a large food prep area.</p><br><p>Your chopper cuts a variety of foods, but you decide how the veggies, fruits, nuts or herbs look before chopping. When preparing wedged items like sweet potato fries or pie apples, you may wish to peel them first to suit your recipe. Our <u><a href="">graters and peelers</a></u> come in a variety of models and designs to help you make foods ready for your chopper. Some choppers work well at coarsely chopping nuts for baking or salads, so have a nut cracker and nut-meat tools on hand when you plan to cook with fresh pecans, walnuts and almonds.</p><br><p>Our food choppers are versatile cooks’ tools that help you quickly make your way through the multiple steps of preparing stew veggies, stroganoff ingredients and saucepan herbs. Choppers let you cube items like butternut squash to quickly prepare healthy baby food or hearty soup. Once the cubed squash is cooked and tender, run it through the <u><a href="">food mill</a></u> to make it easy to add to the soup pot and easy for little ones to eat. Cube or chop apples, sweet potatoes and other foods, and then cook in the same way to create applesauce, soups, pie fillings and other healthy foods. Your food chopper makes it easy and fast to eat well.</p>

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