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Gift Packaging

At Williams-Sonoma, we offer several tools to help with gift packaging, ranging from personalized embossers to labels to twine. Make gift giving more festive and personalized with an embosser. Choose from one with or without a stand. Design a personalized plate with logos, initials and wording. Families may get a plate with the family crest or last name. Individuals may get a plate with their initials. Either way, the embosser is simple to use. We have foil labels available for use with the embosser, which comes in gold, silver, blue and green. For those who are pressed for time, consider our gift wrap services. The wrapping is available for holidays, gift registry items and regularly purchased items. This makes it simple to purchase a gift, have it gift wrapped for you and finally shipped to the receiverʼs address.

For the person who seems to have it all, gift them some gourmet food. With candy, sauces and pastries, we offer a wide range of items to meet every need. For business-related gifting, consider some aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil or go with a simple gift like a set of jam. For friends and family, surprise with an entree subscription service. Get items mailed directly to the receiverʼs address for a specific number of days, and the entrees are sure to please. Items like meatloaf, stew and polenta dolcetta like come to us exclusively through a provider that is a delicatessen and makes these meals from scratch. The smaller items, such as jam and sauces, can be decorated easily with an embossed foil tag.

If the person is extremely difficult to shop for, or if thereʼs just not enough time, give them a gift set. These are pre-made and range from bath collections, cookware sets and premium food sets. For gifting in the office, choose a simple cookie or fruit basket for a cordial and traditional gift. If you are looking for something for a newlywed couple, consider the gift of luxurious caviar. For another basic option, look at our olive oil gift sets. Anyone who cooks will be glad to use such high-quality oil. Whatever the case may be, these gifts are already selected and elegantly packed. Giving your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers a gift set can be a great way to show thoughtfulness without going overboard.

For the home cook, give them something unique. Our selection of agrarian gifts, which includes gin making kits, mushroom logs and indoor planters, are one-of-a-kind items that will be remembered long afterward. The mushroom log, in particular, is a special gift. The log will produce shiitake mushrooms every two to three months for up to three years. Shiitake mushrooms is a delicacy in Japan, and offers a very strong flavor that is ideal for Asian dishes. Use it in soups or rice dishes. An indoor planter can also be a great decor item that is very utilitarian. Encourage someone to grow their own organic produce, such as tomatoes and lettuce year-round. Another option for gifting is to pick up a small gift, like one of the gifts for foodies, such as seafood crackers and caviar, and instead of wrapping the item, embellishing it with an embossed tag.

Other creative ways to use the embossed tags include making some cookies with our cookie mix. Once they are done, place a handful in a clear, plastic bag, seal it with a ribbon and decorate it with a tag. These can make simple but thoughtful small gifts for teachers and friends. Cooking for others and gifting them desserts or casseroles is thoughtful and usually very appreciated. Itʼs a great way to meet new neighbors, thank old friends or to tell someone youʼve been thinking of them.

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