Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Essentials of Slow Cooking
Williams-Sonoma: <i>Essentials of Slow Cooking</i>
Slow cooking has been a favorite technique among busy cooks since ancient times, when pots were left to simmer near an open fire while family members tended to other tasks. The gentle heat coaxed rich, complex flavors from even the simplest ingredients and produced tender, succulent meats. Today, slow cooking is still one of the easiest, most convenient ways to create memorable dishes for family and friends. After you prepare the ingredients, the meal cooks itself.

Part of the Williams-Sonoma "Essentials" series, Slow Cooking offers more than 130 foolproof recipes for meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. You will find familiar dishes from America's regional cuisines as well as specialties from around the world. Wherever appropriate, recipes include two methods of preparation: one using a traditional Dutch oven and the other, an electric slow cooker.

For easy entertaining, choose from a tempting array of tried-and-true crowd-pleasers like carnitas: Seasoned pork is simmered in Mexican beer and fresh citrus juices until the meat becomes meltingly tender, then it is shredded and tucked inside warm tortillas. Celebrate the lively flavors of New Orleans with an authentic Creole jambalaya chock-full of shrimp, chicken and smoked ham.

Our version of chicken Marsala, an Italian restaurant classic, features tender chicken breasts and sautéed cremini mushrooms in a velvety sauce enriched with tangy mascarpone cheese. For a more rustic Italian dish that can be served as a salad, side dish or over pasta, try a flavorful braise of white beans, escarole and plum tomatoes.

Satisfy hearty appetites with comfort food from the world's great culinary traditions. An Eastern European staple, sweet-and-tangy pork-stuffed cabbage rolls are enhanced with caraway seeds, bacon and raisins. For a taste of Thailand, serve beef in a curry-spiked sauce brightened with fresh lime juice and mint.

Throughout the book, detailed instructions and step-by-step color photographs explain basic techniques. Also included are descriptions of equipment and ingredients, easy recipes for side dishes, and a glossary of culinary terms and ingredients. With this comprehensive book as your guide, you will learn the secrets to preparing tantalizing home-cooked meals, without spending all day in the kitchen.