Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Williams-Sonoma Collection: Sauce
Williams-Sonoma Collection: <i>Sauce</i>
From Moroccan charmoula to Cuban mojo, Southern barbecue to Indian curry, sauces carry the rich, diverse flavors of the world. Guided by Sauce, one of the newest books in the Williams-Sonoma Collection series, you'll explore the cuisines of every continent while learning essential culinary techniques.

In this volume, California-based cookbook author Brigit L. Binns presents recipes showcasing flavorful sauces from around the world. Each is paired with a specific dish, although these versatile sauces can accompany a range of foods.

Crisp-fried calamari dipped in romesco sauce is a favorite in Spanish tapas bars. Thickened with almonds and colored a deep orange-red with roasted peppers, this rustic Catalan sauce can also be served alongside grilled or poached fish, oven-roasted prawns or steamed asparagus.

The French sauce called sabayon, traditionally served as a dessert, takes on savory notes and becomes an excellent accompaniment for lamb. Roasted red peppers are pureed with white wine and whisked into a light, foamy sauce that captures the flavors of the Mediterranean. Argentina contributes its own bright, zesty condiment: chimichurri sauce. Fresh parsley, garlic and oregano are combined with olive oil and enlivened with white wine vinegar and red pepper flakes. Here, it is spooned atop grilled flank steak but would be wonderful with almost anything that is fried, grilled or roasted.

As you'll learn in the discussion of the origins of sauces, classic French cuisine was founded on a handful of sauces affectionately known as the "mother" sauces. Among the first that every aspiring French chef must master is béarnaise, a delicate emulsion of wine vinegar, egg yolks, butter and fresh tarragon. A dollop of this silky sauce alongside steamed artichokes is a delicious opening to any special meal.

Sauces extend into the dessert course as well. An elegant raspberry coulis is easy to prepare and amazingly versatile. It's an excellent complement in flavor and color to mango mousse and makes an inspired match for chocolate- or almond-based treats.

Full-page color photographs accompany every recipe, and detailed sidebars offer tips on ingredients and techniques. More than just a collection of recipes, Sauce is essential reading for beginners and experts alike. Add this cookbook to your kitchen shelf and feel confident that you can create a masterful meal with a turn of your whisk.