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About Ruffoni Hammered Copper Cookware
Since ancient Roman times, handcrafted copper cookware has been used to prepare and present food for rustic meals as well as for opulent royal feasts. Today, copper vessels continue to hold an esteemed place in kitchens around the world.

Ruffoni copper cookware is crafted using artisanal forging and tinning methods that have remained unchanged for centuries. The factory is located in Omegna, a small town nestled in the Italian Alps, where for decades the Ruffoni family has strived to preserve the time-honored tradition of hand-worked copper cookware. Master coppersmiths hammer every piece by hand, ensuring that each one is a unique work of art. Interiors are lined with a thick layer of tin, which won't react with foods. Handles are constructed of solid brass and are securely riveted.

Distinguished by such meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Ruffoni hammered-copper cookware is as beautiful as it is functional. Copper offers an unsurpassed ability to conduct heat—not only does it heat quickly and evenly, it also cools down rapidly. This makes it an ideal choice for preparing sauces, soups, stews, risotto and other foods that require maximum temperature control.

The pieces are designed exclusively for Williams-Sonoma in 18th-century shapes chosen especially for their superior cooking ability. This cookware is a worthy tribute to a long, illustrious history and an outstanding choice for serious home cooks.