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Schott Zwiesel Sensa

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Schott Zwiesel Wine Glasses & Glassware

Everyone wants a little bit of luxury in their life. One way to enjoy it is having an elegant dinner party with friends and acquaintances. Of course, where thereʼs a celebration, thereʼs bound to be a bottle of wine. Infuse your evening gala with chic thanks to Williams-Sonomaʼs collection of Schott Zwiesel wine glasses. Their sleek crystal surface and distinctive designs make you feel like a movie star every night. Marble serving trays make a great first impression when serving hors dʼoeuvres to company.


Whatʼs so special about Schott Zwiesel glassware? Well, theyʼre basically the Ferrari of crystal. In fact, theyʼve been making products for more than 125 years. These pieces are different, from the way theyʼre made to the contours that define them. Since your choice of glassware is a statement of your personality, thatʼs a good thing. Stand out from the crowd. Choose a set of wine glasses that really speak to you. For daytime visits from friends, having an espresso maker allows you to prepare delicious drinks hot or cold.


Schott Zwieselʼs Grace collection is perfect for creating a romantic ambience in your home. Each wine glass has delicate contours that seem inspired by a springtime rose garden. Exquisite pulled stems flow gently downward to the base. They go perfectly with golden candles or hanging string lights.


Custom pieces are designed to enhance your tasting experience. All wines are not made equal. Neither should glasses be. Deeper red wines have more intense flavors and aromas. In order to enjoy your wine like it was meant to be, you need a wine glass with lots of space to let all of those notes come out. Thatʼs why our Pinot Noir selections feature well-rounded sides and a large opening. Not only can you show off your knowledge of wine by picking the right glass, youʼre getting more bang for your buck, too. Champagne glasses are narrower because that way your guests can enjoy it bubbly to the end. For an even more vivid taste, let red wines rest in a decanter for a couple of hours.


If you have a more artistic style, check out our Pure collection. Sharp lines and careful proportions are impossible to miss. They add a modern twist to your special occasion, be it a cheese tasting party, a cultural celebration with other people who share your interests, or just an evening watching classic films with friends. This line even has highball and double glasses for times when your guests crave something on the rocks.


These wine glasses that arenʼt afraid of anything. Thatʼs because theyʼre made of patented Tritan crystal. They give you that elegant shine you expect from crystal stemware, but with the added strength of titanium. Bottom line is that theyʼre gorgeous, but they can also handle a lot. Because of their cutting-edge design, all of our Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are resistant to chipping, scratching or breaking. When itʼs time to clean up after the partyʼs over, donʼt worry. You can put them straight in the dishwasher with no problems. Our high-quality Fortessa dinnerware is just as attractive and can also stand up to everyday use.


If youʼre still worried that your kids are going to break your favorite stemware, go with Fortissimo. They take durability – in a collection thatʼs already resilient to begin with – even farther. This line is preferred by top-notch restaurants and hotels around the globe because of it. That way you can breathe easy, but still enjoy your nights of romance and sophistication from time to time. If you want to feed your kids something quick and tasty before heading to a restaurant for a dinner just for two, pop a couple of sandwiches in your Panini press. Your youngsters wonʼt complain.

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