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Add Ice Molds to Your Bar or Kitchen for Your Favorite Drinks

Enjoy a cold glass of water, a sip of scotch or a tall tumbler of iced tea with ice molds and trays from Williams Sonoma. Designed to make each beverage just a little bit better, you can find a ton of options fit for kid-friendly drinks and adults-only cocktails.

Why Buy Ice Molds?

Stylish ice trays and molds bring a ton to the table and the bottom of your glass. Here are a few reasons to add ice cube trays and molds to your kitchen or bar setup:

  • You won't ever run out of ice. Store a stack of ice cube trays and molds in your freezer and you'll never be short of cold, clean ice again.
  • Molds are a great way to get kids to drink. Shop for fun, kid-friendly options or let them choose a few of their favorite ice cube trays while you browse.
  • They're ideal for spirits where you don't want to add water or mixers. Keeping your top-shelf spirits chilled without diluting them too much is the perfect job for an oversized ice cube or mold.

What Kinds of Ice Molds Can I Find?

Looking for the perfect ice cube that won't melt before you can take a few sips of your favorite single malt scotch? Maybe you're looking for fun ice cubes that can get the kids a little more excited about drinking water? Whatever you're looking for, we've got a wide range of ice molds and trays to do the job. Here are a few popular options you can find today:

  • Classic ice cube trays. Great for daily duty, classic ice cube trays ensure you can enjoy a cold drink any time of day. Look for stacking trays to easily double up and save freezer space.
  • Oversized ice cubes. Ideal for pitchers or chilling drinks without diluting them, oversized ice cubes come in single-cube varieties or in trays that will produce two, four or more ice cubes.
  • Ice stones and spheres. Designed to work just like ice cubes without the melting factor, ice stones and spheres are great for chilling drinks where ice-related dilution is a big no-no. Your best bottle of single malt scotch will thank you.
  • Whimsical ice cube trays and molds. Add some fun to your freezer with Star Wars themed ice cubes, Harry Potter cubes and a range of fun styles that'll bring a smile to your face each time you take a sip.

Ready to serve some drinks for your next cocktail or dinner party? Whether you're shopping for a big event or just stocking your bar or kitchen for daily use, you can find a wide range of useful ice cube trays, whiskey ice molds and more at Williams Sonoma. We can also help you find a vast selection of barware and glassware for every beverage you drink.

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