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Buy Garnishing Tools to Take Your Drinks to New Heights

Creating a perfectly mixed cocktail is something almost every budding bartender gets excited about. While knowing your drinks and having the best ingredients on hand is essential, you also need the tools of the trade at your disposal if you want to craft bar-ready drinks for your friends and family.

Use this guide to learn more about garnishing tools you can add to your barware collection to make each sip just a little bit more special.

What Are Garnishing Tools?

Created to give your cocktails the perfect twist of lemon, the right amount of salt or a magnificent smoky touch, garnishing tools and devices can help you achieve spectacular results that would put any pro bartender to the test. Here are a few different tools you can buy to improve the look and taste of your drinks:

  • Hand tools. Easy to use and designed to take care of simple tasks that a basic knife and cutting board would make difficult, hand tools are the bread and butter of the bartending game.
  • Electric tools. Ideal for doing seriously cool things like smoking a classic rusty nail cocktail, electric tools are creative gadgets you can use to make simple ingredients great or put the finishing touches on your one-of-a-kind cocktails.
What Cocktail Tools Can I Buy?

Ready to take on new cocktail recipes or perfect your favorites? Here are a few cocktail tools you can use to show off your creative cocktail skills to friends and family.

  • Zesters and graters. Great hand tools for adding a touch of natural lemon, lime or orange zest to drinks, these are must-have tools for serious cocktail creators. They'll also do double-duty when you're adding the finishing touches to plated dishes of food.
  • Cocktail rimmers. Designed for ingredients like salt and sugar, a quality cocktail rimmer will have you turning out drinks like a professional bartender.
  • Citrus knives. Chop, slice and peel with a dedicated citrus knife. Keep one near your bar area with a cutting board dedicated to your go-to garnishes. Citrus presses also help you extract juice efficiently for mixing up any drink.
  • Smokers. Electric smokers do something magical to every cocktail, adding just a little extra depth to scotch, whiskey and even gin drinks. Adding a smoker is a smart way to up your cocktail game in a hurry.
  • Reusable cocktail picks. Spear pearl onions, cherries and more with washable cocktail picks that won't end up in the trash.
  • Infusing jars. Pickle jalapenos, make your own maraschino cherries or just infuse a small amount of your favorite spirit with fresh herbs. Add one or two to your bar to try new takes on old standards.

Wow your party guests and enjoy each cocktail just a little bit more by adding the right garnishing tools to your bartender's toolbox. You can also stock up on stylish barware and glasses to ensure that each drink is as enticing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

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