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Shop Wine Stoppers, Glass Markers and More for Your Next Glass of Wine

There's hardly a wrong time for a glass of wine. From your formal dinner party to a casual weeknight meal with friends, almost everybody is going to partake when you offer them a glass of wine. Whether you prefer red or white wine, you need the right accessories to perfect your pour. Shop Williams Sonoma to find wine stoppers, specialty glassware and more.

What Wine Accessories Can I Buy?

Red, white or bubbly - that's the eternal question for most wine lovers. Whatever you're drinking tonight, you need some essential accessories to do it right. Here are a few must-have pieces you can find at Williams Sonoma now:

  • Foil cutters. You can't enjoy a glass of wine if you can't get the bottle open. Put down your trusty paring knife and pick up a fast, safe and easy-to-use foil cutter. Keep it by your bar area or wine storage space.
  • Insulated wine canteens and glasses. Trying to keep a glass of white wine cool while you watch the sunset? Maybe you're headed to an outdoor location to enjoy your libations? Insulated wine canteens and glasses are great for warm days and keeping your favorite wine variety chilled.
  • Chilling wands. Easy-to-use and perfect for precise chilling, chilling wands go right into your bottle to quickly cool your wine. They're also fun to show off to friends and family.
  • Wine stoppers. Sometimes you want a glass of wine with dinner, but you know you're not going to finish the whole bottle. A wine bottle stopper allows you to cork your wine so you can finish it off in the next day or two without losing all the flavor.
  • Wine glass markers and clings. Big parties and dinners make it hard to keep track of your glass. Add glass markers and film-style clings so you can easily label your glasses. You can also add personal messages for special events.
  • Sulfite filters. Got a sulfite allergy? Sulfite filters help remove problematic sulfites so you can enjoy any wine you're in the mood to drink. Pick up a pack of these amazing devices so you can always enjoy a sip of red or a glass of oaky white.
  • Coravin accessories. The Coravin system is very popular with wine drinkers, allowing you to pour just a glass or two without even removing the cork. If you like drinking the good stuff, but you don't like drinking all of the good stuff at once, Coravin accessories are a must-have for preserving your best bottles.

Shop Williams Sonoma today to find wine stoppers, glass markers, sulfite filters, pouring systems and more. Check out our selection of other bar tools while you're shopping.

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