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The Benefits of Using a Wine Pourer

As one of the world's oldest alcoholic beverages, wine has a long history of being used for celebrating with friends and family or for unwinding after a long day. These days, new innovations continue to be developed to improve the wine drinking process, like wine pourers. Using a wine pourer not only prevents drips and spills but it can also benefit the flavor of the wine.

What Is a Wine Pourer?

Wine pourers are special spouts that attach to any standard wine bottle. The spouts give the user more control when pouring, so every drop ends up in your glass. Most pourers fall into one of two categories: aerators or preservers.

Key Benefits and Features of Wine Aerators

Aeration (exposing wine to the air) is an important step for many red and white wines. The extra time outside of the bottle lets the wine 'breathe' and releases flavor. Historically, the only way to achieve the right flavor was to fully decant the wine and wait an hour or so to let it breathe.

  • Wine aerators aerate the wine as it's being poured, allowing you to skip the decanting step altogether.
  • Aerator spouts not only save you time, but they also allow you to aerate by the glass so you can enjoy a full-bodied glass of wine anytime.
  • These handy pour spouts fit snugly in any standard sized wine bottle, ensuring a drip-free pour every time.

Key Benefits and Features of Wine Preservers

When properly packaged and stored, high-quality wine has an incredibly long shelf life. But as soon as the bottle is uncorked, the shelf life decreases dramatically. Wine preservers help to keep your used bottles fresh for longer.

  • No bottle opener needed - these preservers pierce right through the cork of the wine bottle with an ultra-fine needle. The cork will then naturally re-seal to preserve any remaining wine.
  • Though the preserver uses only a thin needle, wine pours through the spout quickly and without spills.
  • Like aerator spouts, wine preserving spouts allow you to pour one glass at a time without diminishing the quality of the rest of the bottle.
  • After pouring, these preservers fill any space with argon gas to save the wine from oxidation.
  • Each argon gas capsule will last through about three bottles of wine. Since the capsules are easily replaceable, you can enjoy your wine preserving system for years to come.

Tips for Planning a Great Wine and Cheese Party

With a handy wine pourer in your toolkit, you'll be ready to throw a great wine and cheese party for all your friends.

  • Start by researching the best wine and cheese pairings to plan the menu. Include various types of red and white wines to appeal to everyone.
  • Plan a few small appetizers like bread, crackers, olives and crudites to vary the menu.
  • Make sure you have enough glassware for each guest. Each place setting should have three glasses: one for white wine, one for red wine and one for water.
  • Using aerator spouts allows you to take bottles straight from the fridge or pantry to the table without worrying about decanting time. With plenty of wine varieties to sample, the extra time saved will be incredibly valuable.
  • If you don't think you'll finish full bottles, pour with a wine preserver so you can easily save the rest of the bottle for another day.

A wine pourer is a definite must-have for any wine lover. Not only do these spouts allow you to get every drop of wine into the glass, but they also have secondary benefits, like aeration and preservation. Whether you're relaxing after a long day at work, hosting a party for friends or need a great gift for the wine lover on your list, these handy wine spouts are sure to please.

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