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Wine Gadgets

A well-chosen bottle of wine is the ideal accompaniment for many social gatherings, from birthday celebrations to dinner parties, and if you want to be the host with the most, opening the bottle with style is a sure way of making sure that popping the cork starts your party with a bang. Our selection of wine gadgets and bottle openers at Williams Sonoma makes it easy to find all the bar tools and accessories you need to ensure you spend less time struggling with corks and more time enjoying yourself.

Bottle Openers

If you’ve gone to the effort of sourcing a fantastic bottle of wine that’s going to finish off your meal perfectly, and you have set out your best Duraclear® glassware for the guests, why not ensure you serve with style by having a high-quality and effective bottle opener on standby? There are many types available, ranging from the simple waiter’s friend to elaborate table openers.

The right type of opener for you depends on where and how you intend to use it. A waiter’s friend is compact, so it’s easy to slip into your bag for a camping vacation and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your utensils drawer. It also incorporates an opener for beer bottles. However, it does require a bit of effort. Winged corkscrews have an effective yet relatively compact design, and they take a lot of the strain out of popping corks as the lever wings do all the heavy lifting. Electric bottle openers make the process hassle free, as long as you have some batteries ready, or a manual bottle opener as a backup. Nobody wants to run out of wine because their bottle opener runs out of juice.

If the wine is the main attraction at your dinner parties, consider making it the focal point for your gathering with a stunning table wine opener in a chic design that complements your decor. It makes the bottle opening process quick and easy through the use of a lever system to minimize strain and a sturdy base to prevent spills and to minimize the motion that might stir up sediment. It also makes the wine a centerpiece for your table, expertly showcasing the bottle as part of the spread.

Additional Wine Gadgets

Opening the bottle is just the start of pouring a great glass of wine. There are numerous wine gadgets that help to simplify and speed up the process so your guests are never thirsty. A foil cutter is a simple contraption that neatly and effortlessly slices the foil top off the bottle with a single, swift movement, and a drip collar helps you to serve like a pro, without risk of drips that might stain your tableware.

One of the most important things with serving good red wine is making sure it has time to breathe and aerate to develop the full flavor. Unfortunately, in the middle of a dinner party with some expectant guests, you don’t always have that time. An aerator is the answer, speeding up the aeration process by letting air filter into the wine. Various styles are available, including electronic ones that filter the wine as you pour through it, simple aerators that fit snugly in the neck of the bottle and ornate aerators that affix to a decanter and add an extra touch of sophistication and character to your gathering.

The Perfect Gift

Many of these wine gadgets are available in attractive cases, making them ideal gifts for the wine connoisseur in your life. Some gift sets are available in beautifully finished wooden boxes that also hold a full bottle of wine, so you have the chance to gift someone everything they need in a single package. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself, especially if you frequently find yourself creating mealtime masterpieces for dinner parties with friends and family. You’ve earned it.

Make it easy to enjoy your favorite blends and bottles with convenient gadgets that take the guesswork out of opening, prepping and drinking.

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