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Wine Openers

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Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories For a Refined Experience

Give yourself another reason to enjoy a fine wine with wine accessories that enhance your experience every time. Make tastings feel a little more special with the right tools to open, aerate, pour and preserve. If you invite friends over to taste, the best wine gadgets become even more vital to the experience. These wine accessories enhance the perfect pairings at dinner, too. Put a little showmanship into your pour for a meal to remember. With an exceptional range of cutters, openers, preservation systems and more, your interest in wine is about to become richer and more interesting than ever.

Must-Have Wine Tools

When curating a collection of wine accessories, start with a few, well-made basics designed for beauty and function. Eventually, you'll double or even triple up on many of these accessories as you discover which features are best suited to different moments.

  • Every home needs a wine opener. You probably already have one with a corkscrew and perhaps a bottle cap opener at the top. Keep one in the kitchen and one near your bar.
  • Add a decorative or specialty wine opener set to show your commitment to tastings. Features like cutters to slice through foil come in handy, while sculptural styles abound. Enjoy the artistry inherent in luxury openers from makers like Laguiole.
  • Stoppers keep your bottles sealed after you've already dispensed with the cork after opening. Some people like to use the cork again, but with a high-quality wine stopper, you help ensure oxidization is less likely to occur.

Elevated Wine Gadgets

Take your wine tastings to the next level with wine accessories like aerators and preservers. These systems are made so that your wine tastes exactly as the vintner intended.

  • Aeration is an important step in any wine tasting. Many people like to use a decanter to let air pass over their wine. An aerator does the same job in a more efficient manner that lets you pour right into the glasses of waiting guests.
  • Preservation systems quickly feel like an essential as you learn how important it is to the integrity of the wine to keep it sealed. Look for needles to let you pour without having to destroy a cork. The cork seals itself back together, since it's an organic material.
  • As you obtain a wider collection of rare bottles, you may want to start having a little fun with creative gadgets like a decanter with a strainer or an aerator and pourer with remarkable motifs, like a pewter deer or a sleek architectural silhouette.

Browse the wonderful selection of wine accessories available now at Williams Sonoma to discover the complex flavors of each bottle you choose.

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