The Complete Guide to
Choosing a Sofa

A sofa defines the look and feel of your most-loved living spaces, which is why each of our sofas are
made by expert craftsmen using exceptional materials for comfort and style. When selecting a new sofa,
first decide where it will be placed – the formal living room, high-traffic family room, perhaps an entryway
or bedroom – then, customize it with the options below to discover your perfect match.

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The most important thing is to find a sofa that suits
your space, and that all begins with size.

Settees & Loveseats

Settees and loveseats are designed to bear a
minimal footprint. They’re ideal for small spaces,
such as an entry, bedroom, nook and wherever the
high comforts of a sofa are desired without taking
up too much square footage.

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Classic Sofas

The welcoming styles of our smallest sofas are ideal
for compact floor plans and traditional conversation
areas. A classic sofa is up to 76" long.

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Long Sofa

The deep-seated comfort and scaled design of
our long sofas provide enduring style for larger
living rooms and open floor plans. These
contemporary and traditional-style sofas are
up to 89" long.

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Great rooms and spacious floor plans benefit from
the versatility of modular units that can be
rearranged to maximize comfort. Our sectionals are
the optimal choice for transitioning large rooms into
cozy spaces that encourage conversation and
entertaining just as much as relaxing.

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We offer a range of smooth, classic fabrics to tactile, texturally rich ones that appeal to every lifestyle and
uphold functionality wonderfully. To choose the sofa fabric that best suits your lifestyle and room’s design
sensibility, determine whether your sofa will endure the effects of high traffic or be placed in a more formal
living area. Order custom swatches to find the fabric that’s right for your space.


Cool, soft and comfortable, cotton takes dyes
easily and wears beautifully, which makes it ideal
for prints and yarn-dyed weaves. If you’re looking
for textural depth in a more casual fabric, cotton
holds up remarkably well and layers with a mix of
rich palettes with utmost ease.

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Exceptionally strong and durable, linen offers a
smooth feel and an elegant finish. Naturally
lustrous thanks to the wax content of the flax fibers,
linen is a lint-free fabric that looks equally
beautiful natural and in our classic colors.

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Luxurious Materials

Sumptuous velvet, wools and mohair fabrics give
furniture a naturally luxurious look and feel.
Naturally resilient and strong, our mohair comes
from angora goats, and our woolens and velvets
are loomed from the highest-quality yarns.

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Natural & Faux Suede

For classic beauty and rich texture, we offer exclusive pieces upholstered with the finest natural suede.
We've also combined beauty and technology to
create a superior faux suede fabric. With a lush,
inviting texture, the nap provides natural shading and highlights – yet the high-performance fabric is
durable, stain-resistant and easy to care for.

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The rich hues and supple textures of our polished
leathers reflect a distinctive combination of intense
color and soft warmth. The leather is meticulously
finished, which give it both a smooth feel and
impressive wear. Our specialty leather is supremely
durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

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Our performance fabrics stand up to the rigors of
everyday living, durable enough for the outdoors and
just as beautiful as the finest indoor textiles. Available
in canvas, linen blends and specialty Sunbrella
fabrics, these extraordinary upholstery options are
easy to care for and ideal for the outdoors.

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Pick the Ideal Sofa
Sofa Comfort Guide

Seat Comfort

Standard Seat Cushion

  • High-resiliency foam cores are wrapped with double-layer polyester filling.
  • This firmer seat provides extra support and requires less maintenance than any other option.

Down Seat Cushion

  • Down-blend cushions feature foam cores wrapped with premium down.
  • This loftier seat provides a luxurious feel, extra comfort
    and requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

Seat Height

High Seats

  • To optimize overall comfort, think about your height requirements and your individual or family’s needs.
  • Taller individuals may benefit from high seat backs, which also provide lean-back comfort to all.

Low Seats

  • Less room for lean-back comfort, these sofas are more suitable for formal living spaces, entryways and for occasional use.
  • Generally, the low profile lends modern appeal and creates a more open, airy feel throughout the space.

Seat Depth

Shallow Seats

  • Ideal for smaller spaces or an easy transition, seats with minimal depth take up less room.
  • These pieces are perfect for maximizing living space, or adding seating to bedrooms, entryways or home offices.

Deep Seats

  • Larger spaces can accommodate sofas with deep seats, such as sectionals, which are more versatile in style and spacious enough for plush pillows and throws.
  • Primed for comfort, deeper seats offer a more relaxed, sink-in feel that’s great for family rooms and high-traffic areas.

Choose Your Sofa Style
Customize your comfort

Once you’ve considered your sofa’s ideal seat height and depth, you’re ready to browse our range of
high-quality sofas to choose your perfect style. Each sofa description is accompanied by a quick visual summary
so you can get a clearer picture and a more accurate feel for its true sink-in dimensions.


Plush, loose cushions paired with distinguished
hand-pleated English arms, nailhead accents and
simple tailoring give this sofa its classic look.

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Slim arms & clean lines accented with nailhead trim bring
uncommon refinement, which is ideal for formal living
paces, cocktail parties and other sophisticated gatherings.

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Low-slung and deep-seated, this sofa offers sink-in
comfort and warm modern style with impeccable
good looks.

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The sweeping curves and lush, button-tufted padding of
classic Chesterfield styling lend this sofa dramatic style
and irresistible comfort.

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A hand-tufted bench seat notched snugly beneath track
arms lend this collection its clean lines and warm modern
style and lasting comfort.

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A shaped back and English arms give this
antique-style sofa its deep seats, high level of comfort
and heirloom quality.

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A low profile, deep bench seat, smooth curves and classic
button tufting, along with a channeled back, recall the
luxurious aesthetic of 19th-century gentlemen’s clubs.

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Simone Sofette

This classic design is constructed with impeccable tailoring
that allow it work anywhere – its tightly rolled backs curve
into English arms for an understated yet chic style.

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Shelter arms, tapered legs and loose back and seat
cushions create roomy comfort with a modern flair, perfect
for smaller rooms and more intimate furniture groupings.

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As one of our longest seating options – with deep
cushions, track arms and low block feet – this plush sofa is
inviting and supremely comfortable.

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With a decidedly modern edge that comes from a squared-off
silhouette, polished-chrome base and a low-slung profile, this
sofa has the deep seats that invite cozy conversation.

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This warm modern design conceals a superior-quality
pullout mattress, making it easy for you or a guest to
instantly create an overnight retreat.

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Inspired by the graceful proportions of vintage Parisian
furniture, this piece showcases slim, scooped arms for
refinement and loose back cushions that invite relaxation.

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A deeply button-tufted back, sweeping curves and rolled arms give this piece its enveloping comfort and classic Chesterfield styling, which is accentuated by hand-hammered nailheads.

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Track arms, hand-hammered nailheads and neatly
tailored cushions form the clean lines and plush
softness of this timeless design.

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Low track arms offer a witty, modern take on the
English-arm tradition, offering relaxed sophistication to
suit any setting.

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Design Details

When it comes to considering the finer points of our sofa designs and the advantages of each
one, it’s all about personal space. Does your home’s style call for a tufted back over loose seat
cushions? Do you prefer spacious square arms or gently scooped ones? Block feet lend a
modern look while turned casters echo antique elegance. Discover your style options to create
the perfect sofa for a successful living space.


From fabric swatches delivered to your door to an in-home stylist offering personal recommendations,
we're all about making it easier for you to create the living spaces of your dreams.

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