Desks & Bookcases

Desks & Bookcases

A home office can serve as a creative refuge for art projects, a studious space for business or whatever else you might need it to do. Ultimately, no matter what you use it for, your home office can likely benefit from a good desk – and a sturdy bookshelf or two probably can help too. Williams-Sonoma Home’s desks and bookcases provide the ideal balance between form and function for your creative work space, giving you the power to make a stylish statement while also affording a suitable surface for any task that requires your attention. These home office desks and bookcases are inviting, chic and practical, making them just right for a warm office atmosphere.

Whether you work from home and need a functional space to support business activities or you simply want to give yourself a dedicated area for paying bills and taking care of other household tasks, you can find the right option among our selection of home office desks. With a comfortable, stylish office chair and the right desk, you’ll be able to take on any number of responsibilities with style and ease. From spacious campaign desks with multiple drawers to small writing desks with enough space to set up a laptop and some accessories, this collection of desks offers solutions to a wide range of workspace needs.

Our home office desks and bookcases pair beautifully with our other home office furnishings, including our selection of home office lamps. These lamps match our desks and bookcases in their range of style and design focus. Pair a classic functional task lamp with a midcentury-inspired wood desk and etagere shelf, or select a dramatic table lamp with a leopard-print base to accent a glass-topped desk with gleaming brass legs. You’ll be able to custom both style and size with our home office furniture and accessories, giving you the power to find the right proportions for your home office area.

Once you’ve selected your desk and bookshelf styles, you can work on picking out multitasking storage accessories to keep your workspace organized and decorative. Use trays to keep documents and tech accessories organized, or keep your most important correspondence in a beautiful bowl. Your home office can be just as inviting and polished as any other room in your house, so don’t hesitate to get creative with your storage and organization tools. Our home office desks are so beautiful and stylish that you can easily create a gallery-like display on their surfaces to make any part of your home more appealing.

You can choose the desk, chair, shelf and accessories combination that works best for your unique sense of style. From clean-lined modern luxe to warm traditional elegance, you can mix and match elements and put together the ideal workspace that functions well and looks fantastic. Pair your new desk and bookshelf with a beautiful rug and some focusing wall art to complete the space, and don’t forget to carefully arrange your books, notebooks and decorative objects to make you bookshelf look polished. Providing an attractive office foundation makes it easy to keep the space organized and functional in any circumstances.

These beautiful desks and bookshelves can work well in other parts of the house if you don’t have a dedicated home office space. Give yourself ample storage and display space in your living room or introduce a contemplative corner to your bedroom. There’s no shortage of possibilities on hand in this product category. You can use your chosen desk and bookshelves together or in separate rooms too. This is a versatile product category that fosters your creativity in more ways than one, so feel free to sit down and get to work or dream up a new decorative arrangement with equal ease and finesse.

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