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When it comes to furnishing your kitchen, you need a combination of convenience, comfort and familiarity. While it’s true that the living room and bedroom are often-used rooms in the home, it’s surprising to think about how much time you may actually spend in the kitchen, particularly if you have an eat-in type or an island counter. Whether you’re redoing your kitchen or have just moved into a new home, picking out all of the new pieces for it is exciting. Look to Williams-Sonoma home for every last component and piece of furniture that’s bound to make your kitchen an area of the home you love to retreat to.

If you don’t already have a kitchen island or counter that’s central to the room, it’s a great idea to opt for him. Particularly if you do a lot of cooking and baking, adding this simple piece of furniture to your kitchen can really streamline your food creation process. Whether you’re slightly space challenged or have an expansive kitchen, there is an island that can fit your needs. Choose from a small single island, or a double one, with plenty of drawers and counter space for extra storage. You may also appreciate an island that has built-in bars on each side, for extra room for hanging pots, pans and other hanging kitchen items. Choose an island that perfectly complements your existing kitchen decor, with colors such as exposed wood, white, grey, treated wood and more. White and espresso are also options. If you don’t have quite the space to install an island, consider a small kitchen cart with wheels. Its portability makes it easy to tote around, while it takes up very little space.

If you have a kitchen that’s perfect for an eat-in section or a breakfast nook, consider adding a casual kitchen table to your furniture collection. Choose from long, formally styled dining tables, or opt for round, clear tables that are great for breakfast and lunch, and for catching up with family before you begin your day. Similarly as with the kitchen islands, there are many colors and types available to complement existing decor. Mix and match wood stains or material types with your kitchen island and other furniture, or opt for a monochromatic, matching style. If you have a high-traffic kitchen area and need the utmost in durability, perhaps choose a table that’s built for an indoor/outdoor capacity. These tables are never lacking in elegance and style, but are so durably built, they even work as outdoor furniture.

When it comes to chairs for your kitchen, opt for comfortable, yet durable chairs that you’ll appreciate for years to come. High-backed stools work well for a breakfast nook or for seating at your kitchen island, while classic dining armchairs work best for a dining room or kitchen table. Decide on the type of construction that you’d like for your chairs. Upholstery options are many for fabric armchairs, with color options offering you over 100 choices. You can also opt for leather or a simple wood construction, depending on your comfort preferences. Dining benches are also a viable option, depending on the type of table that you’ve chosen and the type of kitchen that you have. Wicker chairs are also comfortable, and may be casually used in your eat-in kitchen, but also taken outside for a poolside get-together or summer barbecue. If you require furniture that has a myriad of uses, choose indoor/outdoor options. You may want to opt for a breakfast nook as your kitchen island, the addition of a small lunch table in your eat-in kitchen, and a formal dining room with dining set for holidays and large get-togethers.