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Dining Chairs & Stools

The dining room chairs you choose can have as big an impact on atmosphere as an elegant chandelier or a stunning painting. Though they aren’t a primary decorative element, chairs can help set the tone for formal or casual dining, and they’ll also play a central role in making your guests feel physically comfortable as they dine. Consider these factors as you shop for a set of dining chairs or stools from us at Williams Sonoma so you can make the best-possible choice for your home.

Stylish Selections

Style is one of the most important selection criteria you have to consider as you shop for dining room furniture. You can find chairs or stools that match with your dining table and other furniture to underscore the atmosphere you want and to create a neat, cohesive aesthetic in the room. This means that you should look for chairs that have a similar design aesthetic and level of formality to the other elements in your dining space. Chairs with a sleek, modern design that uses high-shine chrome won’t necessarily match well with a rustic wood table or a traditional table with turned legs, for example.

Material & Color

The materials used on the chair can also help create a cohesive look when you’re purchasing seats separately from furniture. This doesn’t mean the materials have to match exactly; an upholstered chair can look quite nice pulled up to a wood table, and a metal-and-leather stool may look nice at a tile countertop. But some coordination is a good idea. Fabrics that are distressed or have a bit more texture might have more of a rustic feel, which would make them suitable for a rustic table setting. Details like nailhead trim or tufting tends to be a bit more formal. Pay attention to these details, and choose a color that works well with the overall color scheme of the room to pull it all together.

Choosing a Chair Size

The size of the chairs you choose can be just as important for comfort and style as the design. Ideally, there should be at least 6 inches of space between chairs at a table, with a few more inches allowing for a less crowded feel when all the seats are filled. This means that it’s important to think about the overall width of the chairs you’re buying with respect to the size of your table. Banquettes and benches are a good solution for casual dining table setups because they eliminate the need to worry about elbow room as the diners will work this out on their own as they sit. Consider the thickness of any chair pads you’re planning on using to ensure you don’t end up adding too much height to the chair. It’s best to allow at least a foot of clearance between the top of the seat and the bottom of the table.

Your dining chair setup is hardly the only factor to consider as you create the ideal dining room arrangement. Your dining room lighting and decor is also likely to have a big impact on diner comfort and the overall atmosphere in the room. We offer a variety of elegant options in these categories as well, giving you a full range of accessories and furniture pieces to mix and match for the ideal design impact you want to make.

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