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Kitchen Electrics on Sale

Incorporate kitchen electrics into the morning routine, and make breakfast easier to prepare. Jump start your mornings with some coffee made at home, and avoid waiting in line at the coffee shop. Our Williams-Sonoma espresso makers can produce quality espresso, either from premium coffee capsules or fresh beans. Premium coffee capsules offer ease of use, since they can be popped into the machine in a second. Using fresh beans is also hassle-free with our integrated grinders in our industrial-grade espresso machines. Simply pour in the beans and wait for the espresso to brew. The fully automated system provides cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos at the push of a button.

For those who prefer coffee to espresso, take a look at our French press and pour-over coffee makers. The French press offers rich and vibrant coffee that highlights the bean’s flavor profile. Since it is pressed and ready in a matter of minutes, it is ideal for coffee connoisseurs with a busy schedule. Choose from a range of French presses that can make just one cup, or six or more cups at once. It makes it easy to brew a cup for home, and another to take on the road. For hot days, consider using a pour-over coffee maker for iced drinks. These include a diffuser and ice chamber for precise brewing.

Take a moment to enjoy the fresh brew with our coffee mugs. We have a wide range of porcelain mugs and cups for coffee and espresso in various colors and designs. Showcase the drink with our Double-Wall Glass Cups for espresso and lattes. The dual layer of glass keeps it cool to the touch, and also gives an illusion of the drink floating in the air. Or enjoy a twist on the traditional coffee cup with our Hammered Copper Imperial Pint Mug. These are created by artisans from Turkey, and are made of solid copper with a tin lining.

For hot summer days, our carbonators and soda siphons will provide a cool relief. There are many advantages for making soda at home, rather than purchasing them at the store. Freshly made soda has fuller taste and allows customization as well. Choose from a variety of flavors, and also adjust the level of carbonation according to personal preferences. It is also more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t require plastic bottles. It also means that it’s more convenient than ever to create mixed drinks that require sparkling water.

Making mixed drinks can also be made simpler with our cocktail shakers and mixing glasses. In particular, the Boston Shaker with Recipe is great for home mixologists. The glass includes recipes for popular drinks, such as Manhattans and dry martinis, which can come in handy at the next cocktail party. It’s also a great gift for a cocktail enthusiast that is considering learning how to make their own drinks. Since mixed drinks should be poured in the proper glass for optimal flavor, be sure to grab the correct glassware. Whether it’s a shot glass or a thistle whiskey glass, our glassware is designed in-house to enhance the drinking experience. Many are made by a family-owned artisan company in Turkey, which ensures high quality. In addition, equip the home mixologist with our bar tool sets to make sure they have all of the tools of the trade. Take a look at our Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set, which is an attractive addition to any kitchen. The hammered copper brings in a pop of color, and the set itself comes with all of the necessary tools to make professional-grade cocktails. These can make a great gift, or serve as an essential component to a home bar setup.

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