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Invest in Kitchen Greatness with a Global Knife Set

Whether you're a professional chef or just someone who likes to cook, a Global knife set will help you to achieve a new level of greatness with your cooking. Global knives are made in Japan by a metal fabricator with over 60 years of experience in the industry. They feature a seamless design, perfect balance and an incredibly sharp cutting edge that brings style and efficiency to your kitchen.

Global knives are sold separately or in coordinated collections with various blade types. Though these award-winning knives are certainly suitable for use in commercial kitchens, they are also a fantastic addition to home kitchens.

Complete Knife Sets by Global

When cooking complex dishes, a wide assortment of knives is needed to complete different cutting techniques. Smaller knives are better for precision tasks while larger knives can be used for all-purpose prep work. A traditional Global knife block comes with seven to 20 pieces and includes blades of all shapes and sizes.

  • These knife blocks generally feature all of the most commonly used knives, like chef's knives, paring knives and serrated knives Some also feature other tools like knife sharpeners, kitchen scissors and steak knives.
  • The Global knife block that holds your blades doubles as a kitchen organization tool and as a protective device to keep your knives sharp and scratch-free.
  • Some sets include a traditional wooden knife block which contrasts beautifully with the shiny steel handles of Global knives. For a more cohesive look, you can also choose a set with a matching metal knife block instead.

Mini Knife Sets by Global

If you're not ready to invest in a full Global knife set, there are also a handful of miniature sets available featuring three to five knives.

  • These smaller sets always feature a basic chef's knife or utility knife as these multipurpose knives can be used to chop, slice and dice most ingredients in the kitchen.
  • They also include a small and sharp knife with a short blade for complete control when performing precise cutting tasks like peeling and mincing.
  • Global knives are extremely sharp and should never be left loose in a cutlery drawer. If you choose a mini set which does not come with a Global knife block or magnetic wall strip, be sure to invest in a set of plastic blade guards to cover the sharp edges.

Instantly enhance any kitchen with a stylish and practical Global knife set. Award-winning Global knives are used by chefs around the world and by homeowners who love to cook. Add two or three Global knives to your existing knife collection or choose a full matching knife set to handle all of your culinary needs.

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