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Prep Amazing Fish Fillets with A Fillet Knife

Prepare your favorite fish dishes with a fillet knife. This specialty cutlery allows you to go from fresh fish to fully home-cooked meal in just a few steps while controlling all aspects of your meal's quality. Taking the time to make the cuts yourself allows you to season or stuff thoroughly and ensure the best parts of the fish receive the attention they deserve. Join a select group of superlative home chefs who can serve their families carefully prepared fillets every time, because they own the right knife.

What Is A Fillet Knife?

A fillet knife is a knife that is especially designed for preparing fish. While you would use a boning knife or cleaver to prepare large cuts of meat from a butcher or grocer, your filleting knife is perfect for the unique anatomy of your fish.

  • The blade is long, thin and narrow. It's normal for the blade to be much longer than the handle.
  • At the tip of the knife's blade is a spear or hook-shaped tip. This tip often arches backwards over the top line of the knife handle so that you can easily insert the blade into the fish.
  • Smaller knives have more flexible blades. This is important so your blade can remain finely sharpened without being too brittle to make it through scales, sinew or bone.

How to Use Your Fish Fillet Knife

Using your fish fillet knife requires a simple technique that you can adjust for each fish, depending on its size and weight.

  • Descale the fish with the back of the blade. This is where that arched topline can come in handy.
  • Remove the fins and skin. A chopping, slicing or rocking motion with the knife gets the job done.
  • Remove entrails and rinse the fish thoroughly. Take your time here. This step is the heart of the cleaning work.
  • Cut lengthwise into the fish so that its sides fall away from the center. You should see fillets take shape.
  • Cut each side of the fish to create fillets. The size of the fillets depends on the size of the fish.
  • Run the blade along back of the spine to remove fillets. These are the pieces you season, wrap or roll with stuffings.

These kitchen tips are just the beginning. Your filleting knife is perfect for other tasks, like trimming fat from other meat, segmenting citrus and removing corn from the cob. If you go fishing to get your family's fish, you can bring your knife with you in a blade guard to scale and gut the fish in camp, too.

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