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Lodge Cookware

There are many benefits to cooking with cast-iron, and at Williams-Sonoma we have the goods with Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. Lodge Cast Iron has been making quality cookware since 1896, a legacy of quality that has not only survived but thrived through two world wars and the Great Depression and is still carried on as a family business today.

Cast-iron is a sensible choice in an age of concern regarding what kinds of pans we’re cooking in. A cast-iron skillet that has been preseasoned, as is the case with all Lodge cookware, is going to be naturally nonstick. It can be used immediately on any stove top. Unlike other nonstick cookware, cast-iron pots and pans aren’t coated with synthetic and potentially harmful materials. Additionally, cast-iron cookware retains heat, so it stays hotter much better than other similarly sized pots and pans. As a bonus, if you or a family member happens to be iron-deficient, cooking with cast-iron can boost your iron intake.

There is a wide variety of Lodge Cast Iron cookware to choose from, including pans, skillets, grills, griddles, Dutch ovens and even a pizza pan if you’re so inclined. Pans are ideal for everyday use and can be used to cook all kinds of meals, including meat, eggs and fish. Use it for everything from frying chicken and baking casseroles to simmering soups and chili. It’s very versatile. You could even slide the pan into the oven for extra grilling, if necessary. Just be sure to keep your hands protected with some oven mitts. A domed glass lid allows you to watch your cooking without letting the moisture and heat escape.

A seasoned, carbon-steel skillet is equally as reliable from your kitchen to the campfire. These are high-performance pans, providing all the benefits of traditional cast-iron skillets without the weight. They are also more responsive to changes in cooking temperature than cast-iron, and the carbon-steel construction guarantees faster heating. Plus, the long handle will keep your hands away from the heat. If you’re going to be searing and browning your food, consider a deep skillet. It can also be used for braising, deep frying and baking bread.

If you want to grill meats, seafood or vegetables with a minimal amount of oil, try a grill pan. The high ridges keep your food away from the drippings, and it sears grill marks onto the foods so it will look as good as it tastes.

For a truly traditional cast-iron piece, try a Dutch oven. This is the original slow cooker, dating back to the American pioneers. We have one for both the stove top and for camping. Whip up batches of slow-simmered chili and stew, bake a loaf of bread or braise a pot roast. If you’re cooking above an open flame, you can prepare delicious dishes like cobblers, sloppy joes and casseroles. To get that flame going when you’re camping, consider a fire starter to ensure a great meal while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s a terrific tool to have because it helps to start a fire in any weather.

If you are thinking about preparing a pizza, a heavyweight pizza pan provides even heating so you can enjoy your pie with a delicious, bubbly, golden crust. You can use it for much more than pizza, though. It’s also handy for roasting vegetables and meats, preparing breakfast favorites like pancakes and hash browns or making quesadillas. However, a cookware set might just be the one-stop answer to all your cooking needs. These sets include pans, including a griddle pan, and a Dutch oven, along with lids. If you’re looking for a traditional nontoxic cookware option, Lodge Cast Iron cookware is the reliable choice built on generations of excellence.

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