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Williams-Sonoma Stainless-Steel Thermo-Clad™ Cookware

Our Stainless-Steel Thermo-Clad™ cookware at Williams-Sonoma is designed to be highly-efficient with even heating and temperature control. In fact, technology has allowed it to provide 35 percent more thermal conductivity with a magnetic and durable stainless-steel exterior and a proprietary aluminum-alloy interior. Superior performance helps you take your cooking to the next level.

Start the day off right with a nutritious omelette prepared in the nonstick omelette pan. Toss in some fresh veggies, herbs and fresh mozzarella, and then flip it with one of our silicone turners or spatulas when the first side is ready. The turner makes it easy to keep the egg mixture all in one piece as you turn it over. That coupled with the pan’s nonstick coating simplifies the omelette making process, so it comes out looking like a professional created it. Once it is finished, slide it out on the plate, add some garnish and enjoy.

Cook some potatoes to have on the side with the eggs. Use a mandoline to carefully slice potatoes paper thin. Do the same with a sweet Vidalia onion, add some pepper and butter or coconut oil and you can make your own hash browns in a saucepan. The saucepan lid keeps the potatoes moist while cooking them quickly and evenly. Remove the lid just before serving to let them brown slightly, and then it’s ready.

Lunchtime might have you craving a grilled cheese. The frying pan is ideal for making a sandwich, stirring up some sea scallops or for lightly frying a mixture of root vegetables coated in seasonings and bread crumbs in some olive oil. The pan has a sturdy, ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip. Pour your finished product into one of our serving dishes. We have a fabulous selection of serveware that makes food look delectable. Choose from assorted colors and patterns in a variety of shapes and sizes. A great table presentation sets the stage for a delicious meal.

The steamer pot is classic for making pasta dishes or for a shrimp boil. Throw red potatoes, corn on the cob, kielbasa sausage and fresh-caught shrimp in a pot of boiling water with bay leaves and peppercorns. The steamer insert makes it ideal for draining the ingredients as you lift it out of the pot. Serve Italian pasta, this shrimp concoction and Asian rice dishes in pasta bowls. These bowls are designed to keep food from sliding out on the table, so guests can enjoy every tasty bite.

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