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WS Specialty Cookware

At Williams-Sonoma we know that having the right tools makes all the difference when tackling the most complicated recipes. That’s why we offer our WS specialty cookware to help you conquer everything for homemade pizza and pasta to roasting meats for big holiday dinners. Our stock pots and multipots are workhorses in the kitchen and are ideal for everything from boiling pasta to blanching vegetables and brewing delightful chili and soups. The built-in insert makes draining water from your pasta a breeze without having to fumble with bulky pans and lids. Our collection of specialty cookware features both cast-iron and stainless-steel pieces so you know that even high temperature recipes are no match for the even heat and high temperature retention of these materials.

Inspire traditional Italian cooking in your home with specialty pizza cookware including cast-iron pizza pans. These pans are perfect for making skillet pizza on the stove top or in the oven. The large pan is ideal for group meals and features a sloped rim for easier serving. The cast-iron construction creates a wonderfully crisp crust with satisfying chewiness for professional looking slices every time. These cast-iron pans heat up quickly and uniformly, producing an evenly baked pizza even if you opt for frozen pre-made pizzas.

Get ready for the big holiday gatherings with roasters that ensure juicy, tender meats. If you are vegetarian, you can use our wide range of roasters to cook sweet and savory vegetables that are the stars of your meals. Our collection of roasters features stainless-steel construction for high heating, and you can select from flared sides for easy access to your utensils or shallow and deep versions to suit your recipe needs. The nonreactive cooking surface is ideal for deglazing on the stove top to create savory gravies and pan sauces. All of our roasters feature sturdy built-in handles that make carrying it easy, even if you have bulky oven mitts.

Make mornings extra special, cuddle up with a good book or enjoy an afternoon with friends with our tea kettles that serve up your favorite beverages. Our tea kettles quickly heat water, making them ideal for tea, tisanes and pour-over coffee. The loud whistle lets you know when the water is ready no matter where you are in your home. Our stainless-steel kettles match our specialty cookware perfectly, so you can create a cohesive look throughout your kitchen. It even pairs perfectly with our stainless-steel pot racks so you can hang all of your specialty cookware elegantly over the island or kitchen counter for easy access.

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