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Staub Under $100

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that value is as important to you as quality when outfitting your kitchen with the right tools and cookware. Our collection of Staub Under $100 cookware enables you to pick out high-quality cookware construction while saving your budget. Staub is a world-renowned French manufacturer that produces high-quality ceramic and cast-iron cookware. Ceramic cookware is a terrific option for eco-conscious homes as it is perfluorooctanoic acid-free and does not feature any toxins or reactive metals. Cast-iron cookware maintains a high level of heat efficiently and when cared for properly, can last for decades.

Staub offers grill pans that can be used on the stove top or directly on the grill so you can cook indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Staub grills feature high ridges that create attractive grill marks as excess fats drip away for healthy, lower-fat cooking. You can use these grills to cook everything from seared seafood and steaks to fresh vegetables. Staub offers color selections that feature glossy multicoat enameling for a vibrantly colored finish that resembles fine ceramics. Make sure to check out trivets from Staub that make serving piping hot foods a breeze and add classic style to your table.

Staub also offers specialty cookware that is designed to help you cook everything from traditional French dishes such as escargot to sweet desserts and casseroles for special occasions. Opt for an escargot dish that enables you to bake snails in their shells with garlic, butter and parsley. Choose mini cocottes to elegantly display and serve individual portions of casseroles or classic desserts in a way that your family and friends will love. Cocottes also look terrific on brunch or dessert tables and take your presentation to the next level with stunning enamel glazes on the classic ceramic cookware. You’ll even find themed cocottes in the shape of tomatoes or pumpkins that fit right in on holiday tables from Halloween through Christmas.

Staub produces a variety of baking dishes that you can use to bake everything from cakes to loaves of bread. Choose from rectangular or oval baking dishes to make casseroles, gratin or delicious chocolate cakes. The enamel glaze is available in red, blue and white so you can choose the ideal color to dress up your dining table or kitchen. The ceramic construction maintains heat longer than other cookware types, making it ideal for slow cooking. Each baking dish features two sturdy, built-in handles that make it easy for you to transport from the oven to the table without burning your hands.

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