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Staub Cookware
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Staub Cast-Iron Cookware

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Staub Cookware

Home-cooked meals are all about big flavors and tender feelings. That’s the essence of traditional American cuisine, rustic Tuscan-inspired meals and delicious French countryside cooking. Good times, great memories and the company of people you love – and that love you back – are hard to beat. At Williams-Sonoma, we believe that this kind of cooking is more than technique or following the recipe to the letter; it springs from the heart and tastes like it. That’s the essence and inspiration behind our Staub cookware. It gets you excited in the kitchen and fills the dining room with lots of emotion. Here’s what makes it so great for family-style meals.

When you love to entertain family and friends, it’s a big help to have tools that are specifically designed for the task. Staub enameled cast-iron cookware comes in shapes and sizes that cater well to large groups of people. Wide cocottes make it easy to serve everything from homemade spaghetti to a tasty casserole. A paella pan gives Spanish cooking a delicious twist with perfectly-cooked rice, flavorful chicken and tons of different kinds of seafood. The size of the pan makes cooking for everyone easy.

Family-style meals have a lot of benefits, both from the standpoint of parties and relationships. They’re a big hit because everyone feels relaxed. It’s like telling your guests, just come as you are and have a good time. Serving at the table creates an intimate connection between host and guests. They see the way your eyes light up as you give them your very best. Add some fine wine and you’re set for an evening of laughter and heartfelt conversation.

Sharing meals together as a family is also a great way for parents to connect with teens and children. Everyone loves great food. With that kind of laidback ambience, and tasty family favorites that go straight to the heart, it’s a lot easier for youngsters to open up about their day. And since a tasty meal helps mom and dad to let go of any stress, they can focus on spending time together without worries.

Staub cookware helps you get those signature deep flavors from your meals. How? For one thing, it distributes heat evenly throughout. That’s important because it lets the bottom and top of the pan or cocotte cook the same amount. And the more time proteins and veggies cook in a soup or stew, the more flavor they release. It also results in meat that is tender and moist at the same time.

Enameled cast-iron cookware stays warm for a very long time. That’s awesome for stove top to dining room service. When you take the cover off of your cocotte or roaster, all of the sumptuous herb-filled vapors and aromas reach your guests, which opens up their appetite even more. Whether you serve right on the table or on a nearby buffet, use a trivet to have a safe place to set the pan and protect any wood surfaces too.

Another thing that makes Staub cookware stand out are its bright and bold colors. They’re a way to express your personality in the kitchen, and accent your dining room design vision. Staub pots and pans immediately become ceramic masterpieces that delight the senses. Dark green, sapphire and wine red are a few possibilities that add style and intense emotion to the space. They create an ambience that can be romantic, elegant, rustic or modern, depending on your cooking and decorative inspirations.

Staub cocottes and roasters come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are ideal for cooking a whole chicken together with roasted potatoes and rosemary or thyme. Others are just the right size for beloved side dishes like homemade macaroni and cheese or pot pies. Mini cocottes are great for individual servings of lasagna or chili. There are tons of possibilities. And since enameled cast-iron is so easy to clean – often some soap and water is sufficient – and dishwasher safe, you can get creative and still be done in a flash.

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