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Mauviel M250C

Cooking mind-blowing meals is much easier when you have the right tools for specific situations. Having a set of awesome pots and pans means you’re ready for pretty much anything your favorite cookbook or can throw at you. It also gives you the freedom to improvise, invent and add your personal touch to meals. By using different cooking methods, you can intensity certain flavors and create irresistible aromas and textures. For example, the taste and feel of caramelized onions – with their signature sweetness and just a hint of crispiness – is distinct from onions braised in a red wine reduction. The same thing goes for steamed veggies versus stir-fried ingredients. At Williams-Sonoma, we want you to be able to express every ounce of your creativity whenever you cook. We offer many different options in cookware that cater to your personality and preferred culinary style. What does our Mauviel M250C collection bring to your kitchen?

One of the most notable qualities that sets our Mauviel M250C cookware apart is its thick 2.5-millimeter layer of copper, paired with a polished stainless-steel interior. What is the difference between a thick layer of copper and a thinner triple construction? Both are very effective at professional cooking, but 2.5-millimeter cookware maximizes all of the benefits that make copper so prized. It heats even more quickly and evenly than thinner counterparts. This sizeable layer also provides consistent temperatures throughout the pot or pan for very uniform cooking.

The stainless-steel interior is nonreactive, which means you can cook acidic foods like tomatoes, lemon juice, berries and vinegar without absorbing any kind of metallic taste. The flavors you add are the ones that remain. 18/10 stainless-steel also reinforces the copper core to give it even more strength and durability, as well as maintain a beautifully level cooking surface. That – and the fact it can take high temperatures – makes it popular for searing proteins.

What does this thick layer of copper add to different Mauviel M250C pieces? In the case of frying pans and sauté pans – the main workhorses in many homes – it means having meals finished much more quickly. You don’t need to wait long before adding meats to the pan, and veggies are done cooking in no time. Slow-cooked meals like roasts benefit a lot from copper because it cooks them on all sides evenly. Flavors are able to concentrate and proteins end up with a golden sheen above and below.

A Mauviel M250C double-boiler is a huge help for pastry chefs or people who love chocolate and all things sweet. Double boilers make melting and tempering chocolate a breeze, and thick copper gives you even more precision. Since it’s so responsive to heat and cold, copper reaches the desired temperature quickly. If you need to cut back on heat or cool sauces or gravies rapidly, copper changes gears almost instantly. That’s why it’s so sought after for saucepans too.

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