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Mauviel Copper Cookware

Inspire French artistry and elegance in your kitchen with Mauviel copper cookware available at Williams-Sonoma. Mauviel’s copper cookware is professional grade and distributes heat quickly and evenly so you can whip up even the most specific, skilled recipes. This copper cookware cools down just as fast as it heats up, making it an ideal choice for fast cleanup and for use in recipes that require heat changes throughout the recipe. Whether you’re looking for basic pieces for everyday cooking or specialty cookware for big occasions, the Mauviel copper cookware collection has you covered. Crafted in France from heavy-gauge copper, each piece is built for durable, long lasting use day in and day out. Choose from cookware sets or select individual frying and stew pans to suit your needs.

Brew up delicious soups in Mauviel copper soup stations featuring hammered copper to add exquisite detail to your kitchenware. The tall narrow shape of this soup station allows flavors to deepen and meld during cooking so your soups come out tasting richer and more flavorful. Riveted bronze handles provide a sturdy grip that won’t burn your hands even when on the stove. Use cook’s tools including spoons and ladles to portion out servings for all of your guests or family members. Opt for spoons and ladles in copper for a cohesive kitchen set, or mix it up with silver ladles or wooden spoons. Make sure to choose a ladle that reaches to the rim or slightly above to ensure the correct size for your pot. Ladles featuring a hooked end are ideal for use with soup pots to keep them from slipping in.

Create delicious desserts to complete your dinner entertainment with Mauviel copper sugar pots that can be used to create caramels, hard candies, frostings and Italian meringues. Copper sugar pots are used to heat sugar or sugar syrups to create beautiful and delightful desserts. Sugar pots feature a flat base and straight sides that ensure sugar melts quickly and smoothly, and most include a narrow spout that allows for simple pouring. Use a variety of baking tools in combination with the Mauviel copper sugar pot to create your desired desserts. Use molds to make hard candies or piping bags to decorate cakes with frosting from your copper sugar pot.

Create the ultimate entertaining space with bar glasses that suit your style and blend well with Mauviel copper cookware pieces. Opt for copper mugs to serve up delicious hot spirits and beverages, or choose a copper tumbler to deliver fizzy beverages in style. Choose from hammered copper or smooth finishes to create the texture you want for your space. Play up the copper artistry and French styling with bar tools that add elegance and functionality to your home bar. Opt for copper tool sets and tumblers to create a cohesive look, or mix up metals to create a glimmering appearance with gold and silver cocktail spoons and muddlers. Go for traditional French elegance with a combination of copper and marble accents to invoke artistry and a touch of royal grace.

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