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Le Creuset Stainless-Steel Cookware

Inspire innovation in your kitchen and invoke generations of culinary expertise with the Le Creuset stainless-steel cookware available from us at Williams-Sonoma. Featuring the company’s iconic three-ring design, each cookware piece is made to tackle any task in the kitchen so you can follow the recipes you desire. Le Creuset stainless-steel cookware features a tri-ply construction that uses a heat responsive aluminum core sandwiched between stainless-steel interior and exteriors. Stainless-steel offers uniform heating and precise temperature control so you can conquer even the most precise recipes. Choose skillets to sauté vegetables and make yummy quiches that delight your guests.

Opt for a Le Creuset stainless-steel stock pot so you can cook large quantities of savory soups and stocks. Each stock pot features a rigid stainless-steel handle that remains cool even when directly on the cook top. The tight-fitting lid stays secure, seals in moisture and circulates heat so that your broth, soup or stock is evenly heated no matter how large the batch. The thick heavy bottom prevents burning which is essential when making soups and stocks since they must sit on the burner for an extended period of time. Stir and serve your stock with ladles that feature a hook so you can attach it directly to your Le Creuset stainless-steel stock pot.

Take your kitchen to the next level and add a professional touch to your cooking with a Le Creuset stainless-steel saucier. Sauciers are ideal for reducing a sauce, sautéing vegetables or simmering risotto, making it a versatile tool. The nonstick bottom makes cooking even things such as polenta a piece of cake so you don’t have to worry about burning the bottom layer. The Le Creuset saucier is designed with a curved bottom edge that allows you to whisk sauces and stir large amounts of liquids better than in a pan with straight sides. Use your Le Creuset stainless-steel saucier to whip up chocolate sauces and custards with whisks in stainless-steel construction. Stainless-steel whisks are strong enough for candied sauces and custards making them a great choice for baking.

Cook up a savory meal for the whole family or a group of friends with a Le Creuset stainless-steel multipot that is versatile and functional in any kitchen. The perforated insert makes it fast and easy to drain everything from pasta to shellfish so you can get dinner on the table. Use the stockpot portion of the multipot to simmer large batches of chili, soup or stock. The stainless-steel construction can be used on all cooktops including induction. Create an evening of Italian cuisine. Make pasta from scratch with a pasta machine and then quickly boil and drain directly in your Le Creuset stainless-steel multipot.

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