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Lagostina Cookware

The cookware you choose has a major effect on your life in two ways. First, it makes it easier to cook the recipes that you and your family love. Well-made pieces save you time and give you consistently tasty results. Second, cookware reflects your values and personality. Some styles are hip and modern while others fill your kitchen with an intimate ambience that has the same warmth you remember from cooking with your grandmother when you were a kid. At Williams-Sonoma, we know that both functionality and charm are important. That’s why we offer so many distinctive collections. We want you to be able to use pots, pans and kitchen accessories to which you feel a special connection. Our Lagostina cookware items stand out in any home.

If you – or your kids – have a fond place in your heart for Italian favorites, then our Lagostina collection is probably the ideal addition to your kitchen. While we offer many of types of awesome pots and pans that can handle your Italian cravings with style – such as our Ruffoni Cookware – Lagostina cookware takes things to a completely different level. Each Lagostina pot and pan is specifically designed to produce unbelievably mouthwatering Italian classics.

Lagostina cookware gives your kitchen and dining room an unmistakable Tuscan atmosphere. It’s elegant, rustic and warm, which is terrific for family get-togethers and entertaining close friends with great food and wine. Celebrating happy moments with the people you love is the essence of Italian countryside culture and our Lagostina cookware, which has been crafted by the company since 1901.

If you want to create authentic pasta dishes – or give them an Italian-American twist like spaghetti and meatballs – there’s nothing quite like homemade pasta. It tastes fresher, cooks faster and also absorbs sauces better. The result is an extremely flavorful and delicious meal. With a pasta maker, it also doesn’t take long. You choose the style that goes best with the other ingredients, from wider pappardelle to delicate angel hair pasta. With handmade ravioli, you decide how to stuff them for maximum pizzazz, from various types of gourmet cheeses, braised pork or beef to spinach or other vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

A pasta pot is very helpful for cooking both boxed and homemade pasta al dente and with a minimum amount of time and effort. Despite the name, pasta pots have two parts, similar in design to a double boiler. This means a large stockpot on the bottom and an upper strainer pot that fits neatly inside it. This way you can suspend your pasta in sufficient boiling water until it’s cooked to your liking. Then, just lift the top section gently, and all the water drains automatically.

When cooking pasta this way, you don’t need to worry about getting burned from splashes of boiling water while adding the pasta to the pot. You don’t have to carry a heavy pot filled with water to the sink to pour out the excess either. It’s very easy to lift the strainer out, serve and toss pasta with your family’s preferred sauce or some fresh herbs and olive oil.

Risotto is another beloved Italian dish that’s much easier to make with a pot dedicated specifically to the task. With five layers of alternating 18/10 stainless-steel and aluminum, heat spreads out evenly. That way, each grain of rice is cooked equally and quickly. A wide-mouthed pot helps broth and white wine evaporate more quickly, which accelerates the cooking process. With a tight-fitting lid that locks in moisture, your risotto is even moister and creamier.

If you want to get the bold and rich flavors of an all-day sauce or stew in less time, then use one of our pressure cookers. These devices are popular in Italian kitchens for making tender roasts and tasty sauces. Guests are blown away by the results and will never guess how quickly you pulled it off.

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