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de Buyer Crepe

de Buyer Prima Matera

de Buyer Mineral B

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de Buyer Cookware

A kitchen inspired by France includes touches of romance and elegance. Bring some je ne sais quoi into your home with our de Buyer collection. These pots, pans, braisers, boilers and more weren’t just created with Paris in mind. They’re actually made in the Vosges of France. So, embrace your culinary passions and transform your kitchen into a laid-back bistro for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

de Buyer knows cookware. Using classic French shapes and materials, its artisans have been crafting high-quality copper, iron and carbon-steel pieces for fine French restaurants since 1810. de Buyer’s Prima Matera line is made from copper: 90 percent copper and 10 percent stainless-steel on the inside, to be precise. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and ensures a perfect heating circuit throughout the entire piece of cookware. It provides exceptional cooking performance on any type of surface, including induction. Plus, the stainless-steel interior makes it easy to clean your copper utensils.

Copper delivers exceptional thermal properties, allowing perfect control over the cooking environment and its temperature. In French gastronomy, utensils that are made from copper are ideal for reduction and delicate cooking, thanks to perfect heat spreading and transmission that brings out the flavors of the food while preserving its texture. Enjoy the beauty and conductivity of copper with an easy care, stainless-steel interior. The sides are low and flared, making it easy to flip foods. These pans are ideal for frying, searing and pan roasting. Look for copper fry pans, sauce pans, soup pots, braisers and more.

Mineral B is de Buyer’s iron collection, available from us at Williams-Sonoma. The fry pan is made of 100 percent natural material with an organic beeswax finish. It’s guaranteed coating-free (no PFAO or PTFE). No chemicals are added and it’s made with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This is a robust, recyclable and professional product. When cooking, the fry pan reaches high temperatures and quickly seals in the food’s vitamins and nutrients. It’s ideal for sealing, browning, grilling and seasoning meat. Plus, the more you use the fry pan, the better it cooks. And the blacker it gets, the less it sticks. A country fry pan is another option, with higher, rounded sides. The high-heat searing seals in the food’s flavors, juices and nutrients.

One French food you might want to try are crepes. Make breakfast – or any meal – into something special with homemade crepes. They’re a favorite in both French and American homes and restaurants and pair well with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Crepe is French for pancake and it originated in the northwest region of France. Consider making a batch with de Buyer’s carbon-steel crepe pan. A crepe pan is essential because it’s the key to turning out light, tender treats every time. It’s crafted out of blue steel with an uptilted handle, a successful design that’s remained virtually unchanged since the early 17th century.

Making them is easy with the proper tools. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, egg and milk. Heat the crepe pan over a medium-high heat, then spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray. Pour about one-third of a cup of batter into the pan, then lift the pan and turn it by rotating your wrist, spreading a paper thin amount on the pan. You should flip the crepe when it starts to bubble. When it is finished cooking, remove it and repeat this process with the remaining batter. Sweet, savory crepes turn any meal into a special occasion. Kick it up a notch with a crepe pan kit, which includes a special wooden turner tool to perfectly lift and turn the crepes.

Bring a bit of the romance and elegance of France into your own kitchen with quality de Buyer cookware. It’s sure to help set just the right mood as you prepare all your favorite dishes.

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