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Graters & Zesters


Upgrade your flavoring and garnishing capabilities with graters and zesters from the collection that we have at Williams-Sonoma. You’ll use our professional-style cheese graters all the time in the kitchen to garnish dishes including salads, bread, pasta and pizza. A proper grater brings out the rich tang of Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses when you’re ready to eat and not a moment before. You also get precise coverage of cheese toppings on casseroles, Southwest dishes and focaccia, because a well-made grater processes your favorite types of cheese into uniform pieces every time. Rotary, box and flake graters are made of sharpened stainless-steel to make clean, even cuts in a variety of foods including chocolate, coconut and carrots.

Stock your kitchen tool drawer with a variety of cheese graters next to your garlic press to be ready for any recipe. Our well-designed handheld tools give you the confidence to develop your own personal recipes. Use graters to make fine and coarse grinds from a variety of ingredients including fresh produce and hard cheeses. It’s easy to melt chocolate for frosting or ganache when you can shave or grate it into smaller pieces. You can also create your own chips for cookies and cakes with grated specialty chocolates. Fine graters help you create cabbage and carrot slaws and other grated vegetable dishes that are healthy and easy for all ages to eat. Grate carrots and zucchini into the perfectly sized pieces for cakes and bread using one of our sturdy box graters. Our stainless-steel box graters offer several cutting options including coarse and flake blades.

One of the most important tools any cook or baker can own is a quality citrus zester. Zesters are versatile tools that you use to create fine lemon-peel bits (called lemon zest) to flavor a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Use lemon zest in salad dressings, chicken dishes, quick bread and pie fillings. Lemon, lime and orange zests add a zing to drinks, puddings, steamed veggies and buttercream frosting.

Paddle graters and rasp graters can be held above your dishes to flavor them as you go with the tastes of citrus zest, grated cinnamon or grated nutmeg. Like mandolines and slicers, once you use a rasp or paddle grater, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. Paddle and rasp graters come in several styles and sizes to create coarse bits of semi-hard cheeses and fluffy piles of hard cheeses.

Grate and zest ingredients for your own home-churned ice cream to add unique flavoring and topping combinations. Shave coconut onto chocolate ice cream, white chocolate onto berry ice cream and lime zest onto key lime-flavored ice cream. You can also use graters and zesters to enhance the flavors of cheesecake, whipped cream and pastries. Several styles of our graters include covers or containers that capture and store your grated food until you need it for a garnish or flavor ingredient. If you use a lot of ginger in your cooking, order one of our tools that peels, slices and grates ginger and other hard fruits and vegetables. Your stir-fries and Asian cooking just got a whole lot easier.

Consider your zester and grater collection to be part of your kitchen decorating kit, because you can garnish so many items with these versatile tools. Ground mild chiles and grated coconut add the finishing touches to casseroles and curries. Shaved chocolate is the ultimate cake or cupcake garnish. Grated and shaved vegetables and cheeses artfully arranged on a plate can make the difference between a stunning and an ordinary presentation when hosting a dinner party or cooking a dish for a potluck supper. Use our graters and zesters to experiment with ingredients and plating options as you expand your culinary skills.

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