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Garlic & Herb Tools

Garlic and Herb Tools

Give your foods the taste and flavor you desire with garlic and herb tools that let you extract the maximum nutrients from the ingredients. Get a garlic press to prepare your garlic cloves without leaving the signature aroma on your hands. Its stainless-steel construction with an ergonomic design uses an efficient mechanism to finely dice the garlic, leaving the papery skins behind. An herb stripper is an essential tool for preparing your sage, thyme and rosemary. It comes with four different holes for any stem size. Keep your herbs flavorful and fresh with an herb keeper that holds the stems in water with the leaves above the water. Other essential tools to get include a garlic peeler, shears and spice ball. Whatever option you want, Williams-Sonoma strives to offer the necessary tools for your kitchen.

Add a fresh clove of garlic to your meals by using a press for extra flavor and health benefits. Squeeze the garlic juice to the soup for a fresh taste. With fruit and citrus tools, you can prepare your fruits efficiently. Cut uniform cubes of avocado for adding to soups and salad with an avocado cuber. Pitt up to 25 pounds of cherries within an hour with a cherry pitter that uses a stainless-steel plunger to remove the stones, leaving the fruit intact. Get the most out of your citrus fruits with a citrus juicer that extracts every drop of nutritious, fresh, and flavorful juice from your fruits.

Garlic and herb tools are also important when prepping meat and poultry. Brush your roasted chicken with diced minced garlic as it is cooking. Ensuring your meals are well cooked is essential in healthy and safe eating. With cooking timers and thermometers, you can set the correct cooking for your foods and probe the right food temperature. Use an instant read digital thermometer for accurate and dependable readings for your food temperature. Or, you can choose an infrared thermometer that allows you to get the temperature readings without piercing your meat, thus leaving in the savory juices.

When you add garlic and herbs to your food, it makes a noticeably flavorful difference to your cooking. That’s easy when you have presses and tools that let you extract maximum juice as well as finely mine garlic in seconds. Add these fresh ingredients to your canned foods for a change in taste. Let our can and jar openers open the cans for you. With our collection of durable and easy-to-use options, you can easily remove lids from cans. Cut the lid without leaving sharp edges with the smooth-edge can opener. Open stubborn jars with a silicone jar opener that is textured to ensure maximum grip. Most of the manual options are dishwasher safe for a cinch cleanup. We also offer electric openers that boast one-touch operation for convenient use.

Use your garlic and herb tools to add fresh ingredients when searing meat or frying eggs. Since these foods may cause splatters, protect your countertops and stove tops with splatter screens. The screens come in sizes that fit most standard pot and pan sizes to ensure a secure fit. There are options that feature small perforations to allow the penetration of steam thus preventing making your food soggy. Stainless-steel screens have a long handle to you a safe distance from the heat. Get an option that is foldable for easy storage or one that is made from silicone to resist heat. Some screens such as a stainless-steel odor absorbing splatter screen eliminates cooking aroma.

Our garlic and herb tools make it easy to spice up your sauce, purees and soups. You can also boil the garlic before adding it to puree. Get our food mills and ricers to prep sauce, puree and soup. Choose a food mill to puree cooked vegetables and use an herb stripper to add your favorite fresh herbs. Some mills feature a hand-crank mechanism for effortless use. OXO offers a food mill that features three discs for different purees and an adjustable potato ricer that has three settings for mashed potatoes.