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Garlic & Herb Tools

If you enjoy garnishing your eggs with parsley, topping tacos with cilantro or tossing roasted potatoes with chives or rosemary, you know how seasoning alters how your food tastes. Herbs enhance and complement the flavors in your food, especially when you know how to store them and cut them into the pieces you need. Our collection of garlic and herb tools at Williams Sonoma includes an assortment of choppers, slicers and mincers that bring out the distinctive taste of each clove, leaf and root. Features like stainless-steel construction and ergonomic handles make the tools feel comfortable in your hands so you have better control over the chopping process.

Easy Ways to Work with Garlic

Garlic is a fundamental ingredient in Asian, southern European and Latin American cuisine, and is a key flavor in fish sauce, sofrito and aioli. Yet working with the pungent cloves with paper-thin skin requires some patience and skill. Discover how much easier it is to chop, slice and mince garlic with tools designed exactly for the task. Pop a whole clove in a garlic press and give it just a little pressure to remove the skin and push the pulp through the grates for pieces perfectly sized for sauces like Tzatziki or Vietnamese-style chili garlic sauce. Toss a few cloves inside a garlic chopper to produce chunks for dishes like Puerto Rican mofongo, or slice the cloves paper thin to spread on top of a roast or toasted bread. These tools also work for slicing through spicy ginger root.

Select tools that remove the skin while you chop, slice or mince so you keep garlic’s strong odor off your fingers, which also reduces clean-up time. Look for accessories like wiping blades that scrape every last bit of the garlic away from the blades so you don’t waste anything. Consider using dual-use tools that store and chop garlic, so all you have to do is take out the device and press out exactly what you need in that moment. For easy clean-up, find garlic tools made from dishwasher-safe plastic and stainless-steel.

The Fresh Flavor of Herbs

Replicate your favorite international dishes or enhance the flavors of your own creations with fresh herbs. Chopping and cutting herbs releases the aromatic oils within them and boosts the flavor profile. Try using a stripper to separate tough, woody stems from tender leaves on rosemary, kale and other greens. Slip stalks of thyme or cilantro into an herb mill that strips the herb before grinding the leaves into small pieces. Grab a pair of herb snippers to cut rosemary, chives and dill into the bits you need for a specific recipe. Instead of taking out the food processor, pick up a mezzaluna with an ergonomic design to chop large quantities of herbs. As the blade rocks back and forth, it cuts and mixes the herbs.

If you don’t want to grow your own herbs to use in the kitchen, consider storing your store-bought herbs in an herb keeper that extends the herb’s shelf-life. The stems stay fresh in water, which keeps the leaves green and prevents wilting. You can then snip off what you need. Alternatively, if you prefer using dried herbs in your recipes, consider an herb mill that holds your favorite herb blends and grinds them into a powder that carries the flavors throughout the dish.

With the right kitchen tools and accessories, you can experiment with the ingredients and seasoning blends that give each dish the taste you enjoy. Choose one of our garlic and herb tools and start discovering how a dash of flavor makes all the difference in your favorite fare.

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