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Egg Poachers and Tools

A comprehensive collection of gadgets and utensils could not be complete without egg tools. Cooking with eggs is a multifaceted process. On their own, virtually nothing is as versatile as the humble egg as a food product. Cooks can fry, scramble or poach them to name only a few cooking methods. Eggs are also a common ingredient in sweet and savory dishes, adding both texture and flavor to recipes. Whether eggs will be the star of the show or play an important supporting role, every serious cook needs tools for preparing and cooking with eggs.

Savvy cooks know that they often need help pulling everything together to put a meal on the table. Thermometers and timers are helpful gadgets that keep meal preparation on schedule by monitoring baking and cooking times and internal temperatures of certain dishes. Not only are thermometers convenient for knowing when foods are ready to serve, they are also an important safety tool that helps ensure that foods reach the proper internal temperature to help avoid foodborne illnesses. Food thermometers are easy to use, thanks to the probe that inserts directly into the food. An easy-to-read digital number pops up on the electronic screen almost immediately. Thermometers with Bluetooth capabilities will deliver temperature readings directly to a mobile device for even more convenience. Digital and mechanical timers help busy cooks manage cook times to prevent overcooking.

Cooks with specific specialty areas will appreciate having tool sets designed for specific cooking processes. For the cook who needs everything, an extensive tool set with a variety of pieces is an ideal place to start. Round out an existing collection with a three-piece whisk or spatula set that features implements in various shapes and sizes. For cooks looking for specialty sets, try stainless-steel salad servers or a long-handled barbecue tool set. Nonstick tools have never been so appealing with the innovative features of silicone. Choose from bright colors, such as red, blue, white or orange, to add these distinctive tools to a collection.

When sweet confections top the list of things to do in the kitchen, baking and pastry tools come in handy. A pastry prep board or nonstick mat on the counter helps with kneading bread or rolling out pie crust to your desired size. Some cooks swear by marble for a pastry board, preferring this surface because it remains cool when working with pastries. When itʼs time to bake pies, Williams-Sonoma has the gadgets and tools you need. A lattice crust might seem complicated, but with a special lattice pie crust cutter, itʼs a comparative breeze. You can even add a distinctive cherry or snowflake cutout to the top of a pie with simple cutter tools. Invite the kids into the kitchen to have fun with themed cookie cutters in seasonal and fruit shapes.

Shifting to tea and beverage tools, a number of engaging items are available to add to a cookʼs arsenal. Tea strainers make short work of loose tea leaves when brewing a cup of tea. For the coffee lover, an old-fashioned coffee mill shows off all of the quaint features youʼd expect from a hand-crank mill. The burr-style mill makes grinding beans almost effortless, so you wonʼt even miss your electric grinder. Turn the knob to adjust the grinding to super-fine or coarse.

A matching set of mixing bowls would thrill any cook. Melamine, copper, glass, ceramic and stainless-steel are just a few of the mixing bowl materials available. Some mixing bowls also have a useful pouring spout for mixing and pouring ease. Choose individual bowls in the sizes desired or add a full set to a collection. Equipping a kitchen with egg tools and various other utensils helps make cooking not only delicious, but also enjoyable.

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