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Cheese Tools

Is there a better food for casual or formal entertaining than cheese? Whether you’re serving it on a board with accompaniments like jam and pickles or sprinkling it over homemade pasta, cheese is a delightful food that requires little preparation to be its best. The only prep you really need to do is cut pieces away from the block, and at Williams Sonoma we have just the specialized tools you need to make that happen. We offer a variety of different types of cheese tools, from graters and shredders suitable for use in the kitchen to sets of knives and other tools suitable for serving. Some of these cheese cutters and tools even come in sets with their own cheese boards for easy presentation. Use these cheese tools to make delicious moments at cocktail parties or during cozy weeknights in front of the TV with your family.

Cheese Slicers & Graters

Cheese is often used as an ingredient rather than a standalone food. You can discover a variety of different tools necessary for prepping cheese for ingredient applications. Planers, slicers and graters tend to be the best tools to use for these purposes as they help make precise cuts and small pieces for easy melting. Many of these cheese prep tools are also useful for preparing other ingredients, especially vegetables such as potatoes or carrots that need to be shredded or sliced thin. These types of cheese tools usually aren’t the best choice for serving on a cheese board as they don’t give the individual user as much control over how large or small a slice they take.

Cheese Knives & Cheese Boards

Cheese knife and slicer sets are ideal for presentation with a cheese or bread board loaded with delicious goodies. Different cheese knives and slicers are designed for cheeses of different texture, so it’s important to make sure you choose a set that’s suited for the kinds of cheese you prefer to serve. Soft cheeses such as brie or bleu cheese are usually most compatible with a spreader knife, for example, while hard cheeses such as manchego usually require a sharp cleaver or slicer to create edible pieces. Product descriptions should detail what each knife in a set is good for if you aren’t sure.

Cheese and bread plates can be a work of art if you approach them correctly. Aside classic cheese knives and cheese boards, you may want to look into other accessories to elevate your approach to this classic snack spread. A bread box, for example, may be just what you need to keep homemade and bakery-fresh loaves moist and delicious for an impromptu accompaniment to your favorite cheeses. The sky’s the limit when it comes to a sophisticated and satisfying cheese board. All you need is the right tools to make it happen.

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