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Cheese Tools

Cheese tools should be a part of every kitchen. Aromatic, delicious cheeses add the finishing touches as a topping on dishes or served alone with wine and crackers. With artisan and vegan cheeses growing by leaps and bounds in popularity each year, there are cheeses for every taste preference and lifestyle. Happily, many cheese slicers and tools can work on all types of cheeses. Choose from our variety of quality cheese tools to best prepare specific cheeses for serving to yourself, friends, family members and party guests. Williams-Sonoma knows that just as good cookware is essential for preparing whole dishes, cheese tools help you with preparing appetizers, snacks, and other cheesy delights.

A box grater with a spill-proof catcher on the bottom is a handy tool to keep on the kitchen counter when it’s time to grate cheese – and veggies too. Try a conical grater at the dinner table with a block of parmesan, mozzarella or another cheese of your choice, especially when serving up pastas, pizza, lasagna and other Italian fare. A cheese mill with a twist-top can help you evenly distribute cheese all over a pizza or just in certain parts of it that cheese lovers plan to devour. Also, a cheese mill offers you the chance to mix a variety of hard cheeses like Swiss, Parmesan and Romano to mill at once. Yet another tabletop option for serving cheese over dishes is a rotary grater. It puts you in control over whether you want to grate just a sprinkling of cheese or a large pile of it. In addition to cheese, a rotary grater can help you grate chocolate, nuts, nutmeg and breadcrumbs. Restaurant-style raters offer a variety of options too, especially when grating or slicing larger quantities of cheese.

Treat a guest, friend or family member to seasonal treats where cheese is the main attraction. Copper tools can provide first-rate grates and uniform cheese slices, as does strong and durable stainless-steel. Other materials for cheese knife handles are marble and wood. Cheese knife sets allow you to have a variety of knives on hand so that you can easily pick just the right one for the job. A pronged knife breaks up harder cheeses and spears cubes for serving. You can use a cheese spreader for soft cheeses, a semi-heart shaped blade for cutting harder cheeses and a wide blade for semihard cheeses and serving the cheeses to guests.

A great way to spend quality time with your family is in the kitchen. Get kids active in the kitchen with the use of Junior Chef tools. You may have a young cheese connoisseur in the making, and you can encourage their culinary interests by helping them prepare tasty cheese plates and setting up the right cheese tools. Pass along recipes that you can try out together, assigning each family member a different task to make the appetizer or meal. You may even try entertaining dishes like fondue and a variety of antipasti. Although younger children might not be able to handle cheese graters and cheese slicers, they can pitch in with gathering the cheese and presenting dishes. More importantly, every family member can get involved with tasting your kitchen creations.

Cutting boards are the necessary partners of cheese tools. The longevity of cheese knives can depend on the cutting board that’s used when slicing the cheese. Maple, cherry, teak and walnut boards are good for preserving the blade. Other high-quality board materials include glass, bamboo and marble. Cutting boards can also be chosen for their aesthetics as they serve as a great display platter for artisanal cheeses at parties, gatherings and special events.

To put the finishing touches on your cheese preparation, consider other snacks that may best accompany your cheeses. Invest in knife sets for fruits that may be served alongside your cheese and wine. A well-stocked kitchen will have a variety of cheese slicers, cutters, graters, cubers and knives. Take your time to explore with us what the best materials and utensils are for your cheese-cutting needs.

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