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Founded in 1983, MacKenzie-Childs is famous for
original designs that express the individuality of
their artisans. From handcrafted tableware to
creative cookware and kitchen essentials, each
piece is a one-of-kind work of functional art.



MacKenzie-Childs designs are alive with
individuality. Each piece created by their
artisans brings the surprise and joy of the
unexpected. The hallmark of every original
MacKenzie-Childs creation is layer upon layer
of artistry, all expertly applied by hand. Each
handcrafted piece has a unique signature of
its own - no two pieces are identical. 


An artisan's stamp or mark shows his or
her contributions to each piece. In some cases,
the contribution is a stage in the process,
as in ceramics. In others, the application of
decorative surface treatment may be the
start-to-finish responsibility of one artisan.

Made by Hand

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MacKenzie-Childs-brand-W18d2-cookware Cookware >

Cookware >

Bring beauty and color to your kitchen with creative cookware by MacKenzie-Childs. Designed to go effortlessly from the stovetop or oven to your dining table, each piece is hand-decorated by local artisans who take pride in their original designs.


Tabletop >

Tabletop >

Create original settings with MacKenzie-Childs' handcrafted tableware collections. For one-of-a-kind beauty, every detail of these ceramics showcases the uniqueness of the artisan's hand – from custom-mixed colors to distinctive brushstrokes.


Cooks' Tools & Countertop Organization >

Cooks' Tools & Countertop Organization >

Explore artful new solutions for kitchen organization and efficiency. As beautiful as they are functional,
MacKenzie-Childs' hand decorated tools, serving utensils and homekeeping essentials bring you
the perfect combination of utility and style.