Cool French Press

  • Sugg. Price $120 $140 Our Price $109.95 $129.95
    Made entirely of stainless steel, this French press brings striking contemporary style to your kitchen counter and serving table. Espro has perfected French press coffee with its unique two-filter system that yields a richly flavored, grit-free cup every time. Patented system uses two filters, the first 9-times finer and the second 12-times finer than a French press, for grit-free, flavorful coffee. Patented press system stops extraction the moment you press the plunger down, microfiltering the coffee twice. Pour-over coffee lovers enjoy ultra-clean, oil-free coffee simply by adding our optional paper filters between the micro filters (25 paper filters included). Double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours while the exterior remains cool to the touch.
  • $119.95 $139.95
    Made entirely of stainless steel, this French press from Espro has a unique two-filter system that delivers a rich, flavorful, grounds-free cup with every pour. The sleek carafe is insulated to retain heat, and its matte black finish brings contemporary style to your kitchen counter and table. Available in 18-oz. or 32-oz. cap. Two patented stainless-steel microfilters, which are up to 12 times finer than those in an ordinary French press, deliver flavorful, grounds-free coffee from first to last cup. Patented press system stops extraction in an instant for customized strength preferences. Add a paper filter (25 included) between the microfilters to create ultra-pure, oil-free coffee, similar to coffee made using the pour-over method. Double-walled stainless-steel carafe is vacuum-insulated to stay cool to the touch while keeping beverages hot and fresh for hours.
  • $44.95
    Enjoy the ultimate fresh-brewed coffee on the go with Espro's innovative French press. It's the most lightweight in the world – you won't even notice it in a backpack or carry-on. It features a unique patented system that instantly stops extraction when you press the plunger, microfiltering the coffee twice. Patented system uses two filters for flavorful, grit-free coffee. Double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless-steel carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours while the exterior remains cool to the touch. Lid twists on tightly for a leakproof seal. Coffee press is also ideal for brewing tea – or use it as a hydration bottle.
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    This traditional French pâté terrine features vertical sides and a tight-fitting lid, plus a press for compacting a terrine or pâté to the ideal texture. Le Creuset stoneware is an extremely durable and versatile choice for one-dish baking, serving and storing. The Heritage collection brings back vintage designs from Le Creuset’s archives. The removable press is applied directly to the top of the finished pâté to help eliminate air pockets during cooling. High-fired stoneware is exceptionally strong and ensures even heating. Safe for oven, broiler, freezer and microwave. Durable porcelain enamel-glaze finish is easy to clean and resists chips, scratches and stains. Will not absorb odors or flavors. Vibrant, colorful exterior for oven-to-table presentation. Flared handles with traditional scalloped design offer a steady grip. Coordinates with Le Creuset enameled cast-iron cookware.