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The Bar Gadgets You Need Now

Anyone who loves a good cocktail loves a good set of bar gadgets just as much. Your favorite spirits and cocktail recipes become a little more special when you have fun drinking gadgets to help ease along your mixology. Invite a few friends over to show them what's new at your home bar or perfect recipes on your own before a big dinner party. Bar gadgets make great gifts for hosts, new homeowners or as an add-on gift to fine housewares or a rare bottle. See what's new in the world of cocktail gadgets now.

Shakers and Openers

Some of the most basic gadgets are the ones that are the most collectible. Look for creative takes and ingenious updates to the bar accessories you know you use on a regular basis.

  • Sculptural shakers are a serious conversation starter as a party warms up or you serve friends before a game or night on the town. Check out animal or fruit motifs in polished finishes.
  • Enhance your opener collection by mounting bottle openers in handy spots, like by a home bar or outside by a cooler. Fine-tune your collection by adding a handheld opener in the same theme.
  • Corkscrews, pourers and aerators ensure you have everything you need close by when it's time to pour wine.

Ice and Smoke

Ice is a must-have for most cocktails or for anyone who likes a fine glass of straight spirits chilled. On the other side of the spectrum, smoke adds incredible flavor to drinks and creates a fun party vibe with dramatic visual effects.

  • You can never have too many ice trays. Discover a wide array of ice tray shapes for a noteworthy selection that keeps you and your guests entertained. Unexpected shapes like your favorite book and movie characters, pineapples or bulldogs delight everyone.
  • Salt cubes enter the world of mixology with Himalayan salt blocks that flavor cocktails like a margarita, Bloody Mary or other salty beverage. These large cubes lessen the bite of tequila or vodka nicely.
  • Cocktail smokers are a bona fide surprise for many people. These boxes are deceptively simple. Place your cocktail inside and use the included smoking gun to infuse a drink with aromatics, like woods or herbs.

Unique Bar Tools for Entertaining

Stocking up on bar accessories before a party is a great way to ensure an evening or weekend goes off without a hitch. Bar gadgets give you something special to share with your friends, so they know you care about their good time and are always ready to go all out when it comes to fantastic cocktails.

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