Become a Wine Connoisseur with Rabbit Wine Accessories

The wine experts at Rabbit know that the right accessories can elevate the wine drinking experience. Their expertly curated collection of products has been designed to keep your bottles fresh and improve the flavor of any wine. Rabbit wine accessories make the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts.

What Are Rabbit Wine Accessories?

Rabbit wine tools and accessories are products designed to enhance the wine drinking process from start to finish. Whether you're serving drinks for a crowd or enjoying a glass of wine at home, these innovative gadgets will ensure that your wines always taste their best.

The Rabbit Collection: Wine

  • Rabbit bottle openers are the company's signature product and the tool you'll use first. A favorite amongst wine enthusiasts, Rabbit's electric bottle opener can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge with just the push of a button.
  • Basic corkscrew bottle openers are less expensive but require manual effort to operate. Most bottle openers also come with a foil cutter to remove the foil bottle closure.
  • Though you can enjoy a glass of wine immediately after opening, most varieties should be decanted first. Sleek, modern decanters by Rabbit hold up to 750 ml of wine and come with a narrow spout for easy pouring. By letting the wine breathe in a decanter, you will unlock its full flavor potential.
  • Sometimes, though, you simply can't wait a full hour for your favorite wine to breathe. Rabbit aerators lock directly onto the bottleneck to instantly aerate your wine as you pour.
  • Bottle stoppers and preservers are the tools you'll need if you don't finish the full bottle of wine in one sitting. Rabbit silicone stoppers fit in any standard wine bottle and create an airtight seal to keep your wine fresh.
  • For serious wine enthusiasts, an electric wine preserver is a worthwhile upgrade over basic silicone stoppers. Electric preservers use air pressure to thoroughly seal the bottles to preserve the flavor and extend the freshness.

The Rabbit Collection: Beer and Liquor

Though wine accessories are the company's main focus, Rabbit also offers a line of products for those who prefer beer or liquor. These tools and accessories are must-haves for any home bar.

  • A cocktail shaker is one of the most important tools for an amateur bartender. The leakproof, easy-to-use cocktail shakers by Rabbit are the ideal choice for mixing martinis and other cocktail favorites.
  • A complete set of Rabbit bar tools takes your cocktails to the next level. Use gadgets like a bar knife and citrus zester to create fancy garnishes for your drinks.
  • Despite the name, whiskey stones can be used with any type of liquor. Once frozen, these handy stainless steel balls chill drinks without causing dilution.
  • Freezable glasses are another great option for creating ice-cold drinks. Simply pop the glasses into the freezer and fill with beer or liquor once frozen. These glasses also come with a silicone base to protect your hands from the chilled glass.

Whether your drink of choice is wine, beer or liquor, Rabbit has all the right tools to improve the look and flavor of any alcoholic beverage. Stock your home bar with rabbit wine accessories and bar tools and impress your friends with a perfectly aerated red wine, an ice-cold beer or a shaken martini complete with colorful citrus zest.

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