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Traeger's wood-fired grills have revolutionized outdoor cooking, achieving
precise cooking temperatures while consistently maintaining heat.



Why Cook with a Wood Fire?



America's top pitmasters will tell you – there's
nothing better than the rich, smoky flavor you get
from cooking over a wood fire. Traeger's
signature grills use natural hardwood pellets to
give foods a complex smoky taste that goes way
beyond the flavors you'd get from a traditional
gas or charcoal grill. Traeger offers a variety of
hardwood pellets, so you can customize live-fire
cooking to pair each food with the wood that best
complements it – from robust mesquite to the
delicate smokiness of alder.




Traeger expands your outdoor cooking horizons
to include a world of possibilities, all infused
with the smoky flavor of a live fire. Whether
you're cooking low-and-slow or at a sizzling
sear, you can count on these multitasking grills
to deliver the ultimate versatility. Each
features an impressive temperature range of
150° to 450°F, so you can easily grill, smoke,
bake, roast, braise and barbecue. From smoky
cocktails and appetizers to entrees, sides and
desserts, you can cook up an entire meal – all
over a single fire.


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Traeger's motto perfectly explains the ease of
using one of their wood pellet grills: "Just set it
and forget it.®" The company has developed
game-changing automation that takes all the
guesswork out of outdoor cooking, allowing
your grill to function just like the most
advanced wood-fired ovens. Simply add your
favorite type of all-natural hardwood pellets,
then switch on the grill. Use the dial to select
your precise temperature setting – and let
Traeger take care of the rest.



For perfect results every time, Traeger grills
feature an advanced convection heating system
that's as easy to use as a high-tech oven. It
begins with a precision augur that pulls
hardwood pellets into a fire pot, where they're
ignited. A draft induction fan activates
automatically to evenly circulate heat through
the cooking chamber, intuitively maintaining
the temperature you've set using the digital
controls. A consistent temperature means you
can forget about tending the fire – and focus on
crafting your food.


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