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Choose Trash Cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph

The discerning keeper of the home knows to value an upscale wastebasket. Trash cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph promise to make mundane tasks like throwing out kitchen scraps, sorting recycling, and dealing with old paperwork an exercise in stylish organization. Streamline the way you maintain your home with ergonomics that make any designer swoon, plus finishes like stainless steel and features like voice control. Once you're undeniably hooked on these trash cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph--and that's a when, not an if--you can also visit Williams Sonoma to stock up on specialty trash bags, made just for your chosen can.

The Appeal of a High-End Trash Can

At first glance, the appeal of a gorgeous can is obvious. They're beautiful, they match your other carefully curated decor and they make daily tasks seem a little more glamorous--which, in turn, perhaps earns more enthusiasm from other family members for helping with chores.

While that's all very convincing, there's more than meets with the eye with trash cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph.

  • Dual compartment cans let you separate waste from recycling, so that you can do your part to maintain or even surpass your community's standards for environmentalism.
  • Touch bars and voice control eliminate the need to get hands-on when disposing of kitchen waste. This means you can toss items while prepping or cooking and never worry about getting your high-end trash can smudged.
  • Upscale finishes are rare and deserve your attention. Match a warm bronze against the rest of your decor or enjoy the gleam and contrast of a snow white can with black and stainless steel contrasts in a modern white kitchen.

The Best Wastebasket Features to Shop

Trash cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph stand out from the rest thanks to their many superlative features. Shop these details to enhance your home today.

  • Butterfly step cans rely on a foot lever to open a dual lid from the center line of the can. This lets you choose garbage or recycling in a duo can or toss directly from the center of the can to maintain balance.
  • Touch free technology is becoming the new leading beacon of wastebasket design. Wave your hand over the can or, with some models, just say the words "Open Can".
  • Have confidence in these designs. Made for efficient use, they maintain a low profile and slide into corners, gaps or under counters with other cleaning supplies easily. Discover which fits your home best.

Compare trash cans from simplehuman, Wesco & JosephJoseph to see how you can upgrade your kitchen today.

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