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Trash Cans

Recycling & Composting Bins

Trash & Recycling Cans

Trash cans and recycling bins may be a slightly unnoticed part of a household. However, these receptacles are a key part of keeping your home neat and organized, so it’s worth choosing one that adds some panache to your decor. We at Williams Sonoma have some helpful tips you can use to select the right design for your needs and style.

Tips for Buying a Trash Can

Trash cans come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find one that’s just right for any room in the house. Big family? Larger receptacles are available to hold the waste a larger family produces. Small family? No problem. Choose a smaller trash can or one that’s divided to drop your trash in one side and recyclables in the other. Want to protect your floors? Consider a can with a rubbery nonslip base that helps guard your flooring against scratches if someone scoots the trash can over. These durable waste bins also come in hands-free styles you don’t have to touch to open. Different finishes to match your appliances or other design elements in your home are also an option.

Ready to Recycle?

Recycling bins come in dual side-by-side styles and stacked totem styles that let you divide reusable waste into two or more sections. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. Encourage everyone in the family to participate in separating waste for recycling. One way to engage the kids is by offering prizes for helping prepare metal and glass waste by placing these items in the proper compartment. Look for these in the size you need to accommodate your family’s recyclable waste matter. Worried about odors from this type of trash? Consider a unit that has a filter to keep unwanted scents from wafting into the surrounding room.

Why a Compactor Means Less Trips Carrying Trash Outside

A lot of the trash that gets tossed has empty space inside. Empty food containers and crumpled papers, for example, can be crushed down. This lets you put more trash in the bin without getting a larger bin. It also means fewer trips carrying trash out to get rid of it. Features to consider in a compacting trash can are hands-free lid opening and an exterior lever that compresses the trash to help keep your hands clean. Although, it’s still helpful to put a container of kitchen hand soap by the sink for washing up after handling the trash.

Completely Out of Sight Trash Bins

Want to free up floor space in the kitchen and keep waste completely hidden from view? An under-counter trash can that pulls out when you want to toss the trash is a handy way to achieve both of those things. This type of receptacle mounts on tracks, allowing it to smoothly glide in and out of the space under the counter as needed.

Composting: Waste That Fertilizes the Garden

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, it’s so easy to create your own natural soil for fertilizing your foliage by using a small countertop compost pail, larger in-house compost collectors or outdoor composters. The in-house styles provide a spot to toss biodegradable waste until you’re ready to take it out to an outdoor composter. Features like lids, filters and removable compost bags keep odors under control and flies away from your kitchen. Outdoor composters use aeration to break down waste matter. Need the freshly composted soil faster? Look for the composter styles that combine aeration with solar heat for faster decomposing.

Our collection of trash and recycling supplies includes variety of receptacles that hold waste matter and recyclables, like aluminum or glass and composting supplies. Whether you need to collect trash or recyclables inside the house or out, these items are built for both eye-appeal and functionality.

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