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Managing your trash and recycling at home has become even more easier with simple household items such as trash cans, recycling bins and composting equipment. The trash cans and recycling bins are so easy to set up and maintain that you save time for other tasks or for relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. Williams-Sonoma offers a wide and diverse range of trash and recycling solutions that improves on the simple garbage containers in the past with important enhancements that both encourages and make responsible waste management a cinch.

Our trash cans have several features that help you minimize your household’s carbon footprint while also taking into consideration your requirements for esthetics and ease of use. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the trash cans come slim designs for those who want to place them in tight areas, in a semi-round style that gives you the option of setting the can against the wall and in large capacities for larger household and busy kitchens. When it comes to looks, the trash cans have a sleek and clean exterior, which gives them the versatility of being able to complement other items in a room, such as kitchen islands and carts, or be unobtrusive and just blend in.

Most of the trash cans and recycling bins have a very durable construction with a combination of stainless-steel main body and black polypropylene attachments. On several trash can models, the stainless-steel body comes with a treatment of AG Nano-Coat, which is a proprietary silver-infused coat that makes the surface anti-microbial and resistant to fingerprints, oil and other liquids. Among the features available in some of our trash and recycling cans and bins include its high-tech sensor that automatically opens the lid for you with a simple wave of your hand and keeps it open while you throw away your trash. This type of trash can has a precision motor that operates quietly as it opens and closes the lid smoothly. Other trash cans have a step pedal style of lid opening, which also operates smoothly and quietly.

The smell of the garbage is also an issue when it comes to trash cans, but this is addressed in some of the models with a charcoal filter attachment that absorbs unpleasant odors. Apart from using air purifiers, keeping the containers clean also go a long way in preventing unpleasant trash odors from building up. Some of our trash can offerings make this task easier with pockets and dispensers for fresh new linings that are ready each time you take out the trash. Other trash can models come in with an open lid, with a dual pocket opening for waste segregation and in dent-proof plastic materials. We offer trash cans in capacities that range from 10 to 16 gallons.

The recycling containers and equipment, on the other hand, have similar features with the trash cans when it comes to the build and material of the containers, which is brush stainless-steel. The recycling containers also have a similar step pedal for hands-free opening of the lids but have removable plastic bins for sorting and separating recyclables. Our trash and recycling offerings are easy to maintain given their very sturdy build. Cleaning them is easy; the task only requires typical cleaning supplies.

For kitchen scraps like leftover food, vegetable and fruit peels, stalks, tea bags and refrigerator spoilage, we offer several products for composting including compost pails, buckets and outdoor composters. The compost pail has a 1-gallon capacity and is of a sturdy stainless-steel material in a brushed or white-enameled finish. The composter is an easy-to-assemble cedar composter with an open bottom and mesh sides that promote fast and efficient decomposition.