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Ladders & Step Stools

Is your list of chores piling up because you can’t reach or access the areas you need to clean? If so, a ladder or step stool from Williams Sonoma is the perfect solution for your problem. Safely access those super high shelves, change light bulbs in minutes or clean even the tallest nooks and crannies in your home.

When it is time to put your dinnerware up, don’t climb onto the counters to reach the top of your cabinet space. Instead, bring out your aluminum step stool. This step stool comes with two or three steps. Thanks to the lightweight material, it is easy to move the step stool around the house. When it is not in use, the step stool compactly folds up so that it takes up as little space as possible. This sturdy aluminum frame safely supports up to 220 pounds. If you are concerned that such an item may damage your floors, it is time to stow these fears. Plastic feet on the bottom of the ladder protect flooring from accidental scratches.

You’re relaxing in your living room, only to notice that cob webs are starting to adorn the corners of the room. Grab your cleaning supplies and a ladder to conquer these hard to reach areas. Make sure you can comfortably reach every portion of your home by opting for a ladder with deep stairs. All other characteristics being equal, a ladder with deeper stairs offers a greater reach than other ladders with the same amount of stairs. Deep steps also make it easier to climb the ladder, as they offer more room to move your feet while you are climbing or descending.

While using your ladder or step stool to reach your favorite piece of cookware, the concern of falling off is a very real fear. Alleviate this trepidation by picking a ladder that comes with a safety rail. The rail extends above the steps and works to support your body when you are using the ladder. You can also hold on to the top of the rail to help steady yourself. Since the rail is firmly attached to the ladder, you always have this extra layer of safety nearby, even if you think that you don’t need it.

Keep your home looking its best by tending to all of the home improvement chores on your list. For example, if your kitchen is short on cabinet storage, a pot rack frees up cabinet space and displays your pots in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Before you start, you have to grab your tools, ladder and fixture. With so many things to juggle, you may not have a free hand. Fortunately, easy-open ladders open up with the just the press of a finger. You don’t have to worry about struggling to get the ladder to open, especially when you are carrying other items.

If a portion of your home is out of sight, it is easy to neglect cleaning it. The top of the fridge is one common area that homeowners neglect. Quickly give it the attention it requires with a duster and your step stool. High-quality non-skid steps aid you when it comes to keeping a firm footing.

If you plan on frequently using your ladder, you may worry that having a piece of aluminum in your home will detract from your decor. Match your ladder to your furniture, such as your kitchen island, by selecting a style with a wood-grain finish. During the creation of the ladder, creators expertly apply the wood finish over the aluminum to preserve the ladder’s durability.